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Ugly Stik Elite Spinning rod

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Every angler desire to have a versatile and reliable fishing rod in their arsenal. They want a perfect combination of durability, sensitivity, casting accuracy, and top of all that budget-friendly. Regarding all this, the first name that pops up in my mind is the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning rods.

Ugly Stik brand has been serving anglers with its durable fishing gear for many years. The best part about their rods and reels is they are perfect for both professionals and beginners. No doubt they have a great range of both spinning and casting rods but among all my Favorites is Ugly Stik Elite which is due to their high-level performance with a solid backbone in both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

This rod is quite within budget and all premium quality features are added to make sure not left room for improvement. It is also one of the top-rated spinning rods and the best spinning rod under $100. So it covers performance and budget with a perfect balance. Let’s dive into the details of this all-rounder rod.

Ugly Stik Elite SPinning rod
  • 40-50% Graphite Construction
  • Full Cork Grips
  • 2 piece rod
  • One piece Stainless steel Guides
  • Solid Clear Glass tip

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod Review

Rod Construction Material

The rods are either graphite or fiberglass later composite rods were introduced which contain features of both. Ugly Stik Elite comes with composite construction. So at first, it resolves the confusion of either picking a fiberglass rod for its durability and flexibility or the graphite rod for its stiffness, lighter weight, and top-of-all sensitivity because this is what graphite rods are great at.

This 40-50% addition of graphite into the rod construction makes this rod an ideal performer in different fishing conditions. The rod is light in weight without any sacrifice to its durability. You can fish all day long without any arm fatigue.

This type of construction makes ugly Stik elite also a recommended option for kayak fishing because a stiffer rod with a bit floppy nature is perfect for this type of fishing. You can pick an 8 feet long rod when throwing a lure from the kayak.

Many regular Ugly Stik GX2 users swap their rods to Ugly Stik Elite mainly due to the higher graphite rate in pole construction as compared to other Ugly Stik Spinning rods.

Clear tip Design

As this brand to have not easily destructible rods, and to maintain this tag, they have added a soft clear glass tip to the rod for enhanced action. These fiberglass tips are more flexible and are tough against damage.

This clear tip design in addition to flexibility is also killing the sensitivity. The rod is great for serious anglers. Moreover, some of its users say that this tip also glows in the dark well I haven’t experienced that glow yet if you do let me know.

Rod Guides

With heavy-duty double-footed Stainless steel guides, the rod can maintain the perfect balance when retrieving. What’s good about these one-piece stainless steel guides is that they are heat resistant. Because when the fishing line runs through the guides a significant amount of friction is produced.

The heat produced might causes your line breakage. Next, these guides are corrosion-resistant it is also a saltwater fishing rod too. These guides are impact resistant and are perfect with strength and durability.

Ugly Stike Elite rod Guides

Moreover, they are all set to withstand, braided line abuse and other tough conditions. The major issue with 2-piece traveling rods is that the line guides bend whenever placed somewhere to carry. These durable guides wouldn’t bend under heavy load and help in improving cast accuracy and distance.

Overall, they are ready to be used with all types of fishing lines from mono to line leader fluorocarbon lines.

The greater the no of line guides, the better the cast, and the rod’s fighting power is also increased. With Ugly Stik 7 feet in length, there are 8 line guides i.e. one guide per foot. This is the ideal guide’s position on the rod as this pattern eliminates the weak spots.

If you are a finesse fisherman, then the Ugly Stik Elite 7 feet Ultra-light spinning rod is perfect for setting drop shot rog to target bass and trout

Although the rod guides are resistant to corrosion, the salt water, and its residue wouldn’t show any mercy if you do not give your guides a freshwater bath. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the rod guides.

Rod ferrules

As it’s a 2-piece rod, so to connect these two-rod segments ferrules play their part. It’s a small-sized metal tube to connect segments of the travel rods.

To make you an Ugly Stik Elite Spining rod addict, the manufacturers have made high-quality ferrules and guides, to make this also the best fishing rod for travel.

Handle and material

Ugly Stik Elite handle

Its cork handle and cork butt section imply a solid impact on the rod performance. How can a rod be good if it slips from the angler’s hand when dragging a hooked fish?

These cork handles make sure to offer a firm grip and prevent slippage even in wet hands. In addition to this, cork handles are also good with sensitivity, they transmit vibrations better than other EVA handles. They are also lighter in weight, so solid grips without any additional weight in the rod.

I personally like the it’s handle structure. It is almost the length of my forearm, a medium-sized handles can be easily switched between both hands.  The handles are also desirable with looks as an “ugly Stik” logo is also etched at the butt bottom area.

Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod logo

Reel Seat

Ugly Stik Elite rod reel seat

Moving up with the butt section, there is a reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hoods. These reel seats make sure to firmly place and fit your reels with the fishing rods. Reel loosening is a nightmare especially in between a fight with the target.

The whole balance of the rod will also be disturbed if this specific area is of heavier material. Stainless steel hoods are lighter in weight and in addition to this are corrosion-resistant. Another indication that this rod and its components can bear saltwater bruise and abuse.

There is also a hook keeper to place your hook. In short, its real seat, hook keeper, and hoods add comfort and balance while casting and retrieving lures. Pair it with 2500-4000 spinnig reels for best experience.


Ugly Stik Elite isn’t only perfect with performance but also attractive with its cosmetics. I really appreciate this as young anglers are attracted to some fancy fishing gear and the Elite series also proves its versatility here at this point.

It has a full matt black pole, with logo and rod specifications mentioned on the rod. Above the foregrip, there is some red and grey X-grip design which enhanced its look.

Ugly Stik Elite rod cosmetics

Ugly Stik Elite Rod Power and Action Chart

If I said it’s a versatile product then I really mean it.  Its availability in multiple power and action categories

PowerActionLure WeightNumber of guidesLengthLinet testRod Pieces
Ultra-lightMedium Fast1/32-1/4 oz.65 feet2-6 lb.1
Ultra-lightMedium Fast1/32-1/8 oz.76.6 feet2-6 lb.2
Ultra-lightMedium Fast1/32-1/8 oz.87 feet2-6 lb.2
MediumFast1/4-5/876 feet6-14lb2
MediumFast1/4-5/876.6 feet6-14lb1
MediumExtra-Fast1/4-5/876.6 feet6-14lb2
Medium HeavyExtra-Fast1/4-3/487 feet8-17lb1

As we have discussed the rod’s features in detail now to conclude with its good and dark sides

  • Among fishing rods, the durability and sensitivity are the two main features required, some prefer durability over sensitivity and vice versa because the more durable the rod is, the less sensitive it is. Ugly Stik Elite offers the perfect balance of fiberglass durability with graphite sensitivity to land big fish by detecting the nibbles.
  • The rod is lightweight, you can fish all day long without any arm fatigue
  • It is a reliable fishing rod when fishing live baits like night crawlers and minnows
  • Perfect jigging rod for saltwater
  • The availability of rod in multiple lengths make this suitable for multiple fishing locations, and for anglers of different height
  • The rod isn’t a burden on the pocket, something that levels durable and all under $100 is nothing else but great
  • The rod guides may corrode from the surface if you wouldn’t clean them after exposure to saltwater
  • The reel seat isn’t ideally comfortable as compared to other rods but something at this price it’s all fair with its quality performance

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Final Shot on Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rods

The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is a great choice for anglers of all levels of experience. It’s versatile and durable, making it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. With its lightweight and sensitive tip, it’s perfect for catching smaller fish, while still being able to handle larger fish with ease. Whether you’re just getting started in the world of fishing or you’re a seasoned pro, the Ugly Stik Elite is a great option that won’t let you down.

It is a top-of-the-line spinning fishing rod that any angler would be proud to own. It’s built to last, with solid construction and high-quality components, and it’s versatile enough to handle any type of fish imaginable. If you’re in the market for a new fishing rod, the Ugly Stik Elite should be at the top of your list.