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Types of Fishing Rods-Explained

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Fishing rods play an essential role in the whole fishing setup, fishing without a fishing rod is like cricket without a cricket bat, a Hockey game without a hockey although some folks do fishing without a rod with bare hands but it is not safe. The rod game has gone so far, and plenty of different types of fishing rods are now introduced in the market.

Each rod is categorized on the basis of the type of fishing, target fish, fishing location, and even the level of expertise also counts. Some rods are perfect for beginners while some offer a higher level of professionalism. Also, there are many other factors that vary in each rod type like rod power, action, construction material, length, butt, no of guides, etc.

This all leads to big confusion about when to pick which type of fishing rod. For this, First, we should be aware of all the categories, the main difference between each, and which rod is designed for what location and fish. In short, gather all the possible information about each rod genre.

In this context, we have created a list of all the popular types of fishing rods with their key features to solve your confusion, save your time and help you to select the right type wisely. Make sure to read the article to the end.

Types of Fishing rods

A total of eight different types of fishing rods are listed here. Let’s begin the journey and dive into their details.

Spinning fishing rods, budget friendly type of fishing rod
  • comes in all sizes
  • reels lies in bottom side of rod
  • can be easily hold in dominant hand
  • commonly used rod
  • easy to use
  • best for beginners

One of the most commonly used types of rod among anglers and others because of its variety in lengths, ease of use and, rod actions. Moreover, the placement of the reel under the rod not only reduces pressure on the wrist but also makes it super comfortable to handle the rod, as a result, helps in catching a variety of fish.

Spinning rods allow long casting with light lures. Its lightweight backbone power helps the casting process load properly enabling anglers to cast longer with light lures even in heavy water conditions. The best thing about the spinning rods is they are suitable for people of all skill levels. Its weight is lighter than the casting rods making it a beginner-friendly as well as budget firendly rod.

More good about spinning rods is that they are budget-friendly, you can find even find a rod under $50.  Must check the list of best spining rods if your interested and want to upgrade your collection with these versatile types of fishing rods. As they are one of the most popular types of fishing rods.

Best Uses

  • Perfect Start-up rods
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Bobber Fishing
  • Boat Fishing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Surf Fishing
types of fishing rods
  • Opposite to Spinning rods
  • reel lies above the rod
  • best for professionals

       A casting rod is totally opposite to spinning rods. Its reel sets above the rod and due to this placement, your hand just perfectly fits on its handle with one of the fingers on the line so you can feel when a fish is picked. Casting Rods’ eyelets take an upward position as rods bend over with the guides facing up, it can be used with heavy fishing lines and lures so it can handle heavyweight fishing.  Although it provides high casting accuracy but one has to be trained for using them so it is perfect, especially for bass anglers.

In short, casting rods are used in case of serious fishing as it can be challenging to learn to use casting rods. You may have heard of casting rods also as the “Baitcasting rods” or “Spin-cast rods” all of these terms refer to the same rod type the only difference is the no of guides on the rod.

Make sure to use the best baitcasting reel with your casting rod, as it supports heavy fishing conditions the angler easily uses heavy braided fishing lines with a fluorocarbon fishing line for best results. They are more durable than spinning rods however, a bit of practice is required.

Best Uses

  • Bass Fishing
  • Black Crappie
  • Walleye
  • Trout
  • River Fishing
best telescopic fishing rod
  • can be maximized and minimized in length
  • Portable in nature
  • suitable for all fishing types

Telescopic rods are designed in a way that they can be maximized and minimized in length hence highly portable and compact in nature. Its length can be expanded up to 30 feet and can be reduced to almost half a foot hence it can be declared the best travel fishing rod. You can easily carry it on your trips even you are in a car or a bike this can be your best travel buddy.

The Same graphite, fiberglass, carbon, or composite material is used for rod construction as for other multi-piece rods. Due to its unique design, it requires more maintenance and care. You should clean its joints regularly from dirt or sand moreover one should be careful while closing as the rod can easily break with this style. Besides all this, telescopic rods are lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for all types of fishing.

One of the biggest myths about these types of fishing rods is that they can’t handle popular fish catch like trout or bass, there are many famous telescopic fishing rods that are optimal for these fish type. Telescopic rods also support saltwater fishing and are highly corrosion-resistant.

Best Uses

  • Light bait fishing
  • Camping
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • Freshwater Fishing

4-Surf Fishing Rods

  • Longest of all rods
  • Can cast Long enough while standing on shoreline
  • can be used in heavy water conditions

Surf Fishing rods are the longest of all rods. As surf fishing is performed standing on the shoreline so it must be long enough so that one can cast the line far enough. Moreover, its long grip handles allow a two-handed casting technique to implement on the rod. Surf rods are made strong and durable enough to tackle big saltwater catches. As surf fishing is usually done at sea where water conditions aren’t good all the time so they are designed perfectly for helping anglers successfully cast the lure to the targeted area. They are strongest of all fishing rod types.

They are perfect with heavy lures, baits, lines and withstand saltwater corrosion at highest level. Surf fishing rods are not suitable for everyone as one has to be trained or experienced enough to meet surf fishing conditions. However, if you are a beginner it’s recommended to go with a shorter length of about 9 feet.

Best Uses

  • Big Fish
  • For casting heavy baits
  • Sea Fishing

5-Trolling Fishing Rods

different types of fishing rods
  • thick and Heavy
  • can be fixed to boader of boats
  • fast action
  • especially designed to perform in heavy water conditions

Although many anglers believe that any spinning or casting rod can also be used for trolling but a simple or slow action rod can’t be used so with the passage of time many brands have launched collections of trolling fishing rods. Trolling rods are thick, heavy, and fast action rods as simple thin rods can snap when catching fish through fast heavy running water so trolling fishing rods are thicker and stronger. These rods have relatively longer handles than all other types of fishing rods.

Just as a fact, talking about this fishing type can be considered a fun experience and a thrilling game because in this fishing method the rods are fixed on the boat, and the moving boat grads the lure or bait through heavy water it is an interesting game if you do it the right way with the suitable rods. The rods can be fixed with bait borders so that bait can move in direction of the boat.

Best Uses

  • Salmon Fishing
  • King mackerel Fishing
  • Ocean Fishing
  • Lake Fishing
type of fishing rod
  • merely 24 to 36 inches in length
  • similar to spinning rods
  • specially designed for ice fishing

Ice fishing rods are smaller-sized rods merely 24 to 36 inches in length. You have to drill a hole through the ice to catch a fish swimming under the ice. Ice Fishing rods are specifically designed for only ice fishing so you can cast through a very short distance right just standing above the fish. Modern ice rods have all the qualities that a basic fishing rod has however classic rods were simply wooden pieces with no reel.

Briefly, we can say that ice fishing rods are actually smaller rods following the spinning fishing technique.  Ice fishing is an enchanting experience so when you have a perfect rod your experience will be more delightful. They are available in both fiberglass and graphite material, but graphite rods are recommended as they offer a greater sensitivity level.

Ice fishing rods are not ideal rods for catching large fish, the rod may snap due to weight. They are optimal choice for smaller pan fish. Make sure to choose the rod power and action carefully as it affects your cast. Learn more about ice fishing rods and how to pick the ice fishing rod in our article.    

Best Uses

  • Ice Fishing
  • Frozen lakes
  • Frozen ponds

7-Fly Fishing Rods

types of fishing rods
  • comes with fishing fly line
  • casts artifical fly for catching fish
  • contains large diameter fly line guide
  • reel is different from other reels

Fly fishing rods are very much different from many other types of fishing rods. Fly fishing is basically casting an artificial fly as a lure which is lightweight foamy material with fur and feathers. These rods are particularly designed for fly fishing as their length is relatively much longer than other fishing rods. Fly fishing rods comes with a fly line, a flying reel that is quite different from spinning and casting reels.

Its line sizes vary from small and lightweight to large and heavy for catching small trout fish to heavy saltwater fish. Fly rods use thick fly lines whose movement is controlled by larger-diameter line guides. Its rod construction is of composite material. Today, most modern fly rods are made from carbon graphite construction material.

A variety of different lengths, weights, and sizes, they are made strong yet lightweight to meet different fishing conditions. Normally 7-8 ounces of fly rod weight is adopted whereas to target big fish like Marlin, Tuna, or trout a fly fishing rod of 12-16 weight is used.

Best Uses

  • Trout Fishing
  • Pan fishing
  • Large saltwater game fishing

8-Sea Fishing Rods

types of fishing rods
  • perfect for heavy game fish
  • rods are thick and long

If you are interested in fishing from a boat in an ocean, in a sea, or want to go for a heavy game fish. Yes!! Sea fishing rods are perfect for your occasion. They are thick, with heavy tips, eyes, and handles as they are specifically designed to catch big fish like sharks and many other big sea species. The very important point about sea fishing rods is that they must be corrosion resistant as salty seawater may damage the rods and reels. They are perfectly designed for casting in heavy water.

Sea fishing rods is just another name for shore or inshore fishing rods, all the rods used for this type of fishing are longer and more durable. Learn more about inshore fishing rods and how to choose them.  

Best Uses

  • Marlin fishing
  • Shark Fishing game
  • heavy ocean and sea species

Points of Consideration before buying any type of fishing rods

When buying a fishing rod many questions came to mind, one of the most common is “what type of fishing rod should I buy?” so we have listed some points

  • What type of fishing location you are going for?
  • What type of fish do you want to catch?
  • Going for a long trip?
  • Rod Construction Material
  •  Fiberglass
  • Graphite
  • Composite
  • Bamboo
  • When to choose Fiberglass rods

If you are a beginner and going for a low to medium-sized stream you should consider a fiberglass rod. Its slow action increases catching opportunities. Its sensitivity makes it easier to feel the rod load. They are lightweight but heavier than graphite rods.  Moreover, if you are looking for less expensive rods, you should go for fiberglass rods.

  • When to choose Graphite Rods

For larger fish catch and heavy water conditions, we recommend you to go for graphite rods. Although they are expensive but fast in action and very much light in weight. It is recommended for experienced anglers.

  • When to Choose Bamboo Rods

If you are an experienced angler and familiar with classic fishing styles you can buy bamboo rods. Although they are bendy, sensitive, and flexible but heavier than fiberglass and graphite rods so they are not recommended for all-day-long fishing.

  • When to choose composite Rods

They are in between graphite and fiberglass rods. These rods come with the qualities of both materials. Suitable for anglers of any skill level. They also have price range from low to high.

Rod Power

The power of the rod indicates at what weight or pressure a rod bends. This indicates the weight required to make a bend in the rod. The more power, the less the rod bends. The rod power is categorized into

  • Fast
  • Moderate
  • Slow

The fast power rod are stiffer and stronger and is mostly used for bigger and heavier catches, the moderate power rod is more bendy than the heavy power and makes a parabolic curve on medium sized catches. At last, the most flexible of all rods are the slow power rods which make a bend through the whole length easily.

Some brands mention the rod power and action on the rod or with the description so you will be aware of that your rod is capable of what. Learn more about the fishing rod power

Fishing rod power

Rod Action

The rod action describes the position from where the rods bends and how fast it comes to its original position. The rod is also categorized into three Fast, moderate and slow.

The fast action rod bends near the tip, the moderate action rod is bendy than the fast action and makes a parabolic curve from middle to the tip. At last, the most flexible of all rods are the slow action rods which make a bend through the whole length.

Read more about the fishing rod action in detail.

fishing rod action

No of Guides

What are the rod guides and what they do? The small eyelets placed on the rod are the guides that maintain the balance between the rod and the line, offer a secure line cast from the reel to the tip, and save fishing lines from line tangles.  

The size and the number of guides depending on the type of rod you are choosing. Spinning rods have lines guides facing downward and have relatively larger size guides. The size of the guides becomes smaller towards the rod tip.

Whereas the casting technique rods have smaller-sized line guides facing upward. These rods have a relatively greater number of guides positioned closely almost one per rod section. Generally, the longer the rod is, the more line guides will be.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different types of rods available in the market and of course, it is quite challenging, especially for beginners and occasional anglers. However, you should consider the above-mentioned points for choosing among various types of fishing rods as they vary for different locations, species, structures, and experience levels. At last, we must say that if you find a fishing rod perfectly suitable for you and fulfills all your fishing needs, your fishing experience is going to be a memorable one. We have listed different types of fishing rods, their uses and a guide to choose them. Hope you find our guide helpful for finding a suitable fishing rod and saves your time from endless searching.

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