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Five Big money US Fishing Tournaments

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Fishing tournaments have always been a center of attraction during summers in the US. These tournaments attract both professional and amateur anglers from all over the country to not only provide a great opportunity to compete against each other, but also give them a chance to win big prizes. They are a great way to test your skills and see how you stack up against other anglers. They’re also a lot of fun and can be a great way to meet new people.

There are many different fishing tournaments held throughout the United States, so there’s sure to be one near you. Following are the five big money fishing tournaments for US anglers that are a chance to win a million dollars.

List of Big Money Fishing Tournaments that every US Angler Must know

The world’s largest bill fishing tournament and also the richest tournament. The 49th annual event at Ocean City Maryland which is also a White Marlin Capital of the world was held in the second week of August.

Last year $3.2 million were awarded for catching Sushi out of the ocean city. This year an astonishing record is set by Captain Jon Duffie and his brother angler Jeremy Duffie who caught 77.5 pounds big White Marlin on the last day and won $4,500,000.

Each year a new world record is set and huge prizes are distributed. It’s an exciting, joyful event not only for professional anglers but also for many novice anglers, who also have bright chances to take a piece of prize money back to their home. It’s a not to miss type of tournament, especially for US anglers. So polish up your best fishing rod for the championship.

2- Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic

MIssissipi US fishiing tournament
Picture Credits : Mississipi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic Official Website

An eye-catching view is created when 100 boats crowded with captains and anglers are landed in the Gulf of Mexico to catch the game-winning and record-breaking fish to enjoy the victory with a wealthy amount of $101,000 out of $1,818,520.20 total payout because last year the winner was awarded $101,000 for catching 723lb Blue Marlin.

Top of all, enjoy the delicious food and amusement at the Golden Nugget Casino and hotel which serves as a tournament headquarters. So, your fishing gear should be packed up for this great event next year.

big money US fishing tournaments

3- The big rock tournament

Big rock is a non-profit charitable fishing tournament. It is one of the biggest fishing tournaments held at the MOREHEAD CITY N.C. The tournament is just growing every year with a big catch and big prize money.  This year it was its 64th-anniversary tournament and the winner was awarded $2,712,062.5 for hauling out Blue Marlin.

This tournament drags the attention of anglers of all ages and every community. It appears as a traditional meet-up where international teams also join this tournament.

big money US fishing tournaments
Picture Credits: The big Rock Tournamanet Kids

Among all, the appreciating part of this tournament is the Big Rock Kids Billfish tournament. Their main aim is to promote and polish the young anglers’ skills and keep the game fishing hype up. This year 275 junior anglers joined and the winner gained $57,500 in first place on releasing Blue Marlin.

4- Key West Marlin Tournament

Key West Marlin US fishing Tournaments

The fun is multiplied when it is rewarded with a healthy portion of $50,000cash prizes. Along with a fun-filled tournament, lively night festivities, fancy dinners, and a whole bunch of entertainment in a three days sports fishing tournament. What else can be better as a break from your hectic routine than this striking fishing tournament?

It is limited to the first 75 registered boats, for 2-4 team contestants of both male and female, and coincides with the Annual Hemingway Days Celebration. Enjoy the exciting game of fishing at Key West Florida waves and luxurious accommodations at the Perry Hotel and Marina.

5- Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series

Now here comes the fishing for everyone, pick your partner for the competition and make a high school team, college team, or couple team. The team will be eligible for the championship when they quality all five events in their division. No entry fee is required and the winner will be awarded $50,000.

Anglers of all ages are looking forward to this championship which is going to be held on the 21st and 22nd of October at Lake Jordan. Additionally, many bonus programs are added, so one tournament with multiple ways of winning cash prizes. This is the clear definition of a must-know tournament for US anglers.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other fishing tournaments like the Bassmaster Elite series where an exceptional level of professionalism is required. These tournaments are great opportunities for anglers to showcase their talent to the world. If you fish with a group of your friends on weekdays or just fish on family trips, there are plenty of cash-winning tournaments for you throughout the US. Last year U.S. Open National Bass Fishing Amateur Team Championship was held where $1 million was awarded to the first place angler.

In short, there are tons of opportunities out there all you have to do is knock. I hope you found this helpful now when you are fully aware of those five big money fishing tournaments that being a US angler you must know.

For such events, you should upgrade your gear collection to beat the highly skilled anglers because fishing couldn’t be any better with a perfect spinning fishing rod or a baitcasting rod, its perfect partner a fishing reel, and a perfect type of fishing line to meet the modern fishing championships requirements.