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Best Tackle box for Fishing

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Why do we need a tackle box when we already have a fishing backpack for the trip? This is the very first question that came to my mind when my friend asked me to spend more money on a tackle box. The sweet answer to this question is hustle-free fishing. Now let’s imagine, you are on the fishing location, close to your target, now you want to quickly change the hook or bait, now wait what!!!! Where did you put that, in the front pocket, or in the side one, Oh yes!!! In the main section, under the reel, line, and some clothes. Imagine the same situation for finding the swivels. I think now it makes sense why I am writing about the best tackle boxes.

After the rod and reel, the most important object to carry in your tackle box. It has separate sections and compartments, so you can save your baits, swivels, and hook all in an organized manner. So you can enjoy your weekend fishing with peace and calm. In this article, I have listed the 8 best tackle boxes to save you from the big confusion i.e. “Which one is better and why?”

Top 3 picks of tackle box for fishing

Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes
Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes
  • Stores 3 3560 tackle trays
  • 4 exterior storage sections
  • Latches closure
  • Durable Body
Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702 Fishing Tackle Bag
Wild River by CLC Fishing Tackle Bag
  • Built-in Led Light
  • 5 large 3700 style tackle tray storage
  • Waterproof internal pocket
  • Plier holders
Plano Edge Professional Series Tackle Storage Boxes
Plano Edge Professional Series Tackle Storage Boxes
  • Transparent Lid
  • Dri-Loc Watertight Seal
  • Rust Resistant Base
  • Lift-out trays

Best Tackle Box for fishing

1- Plano Angled Tackle System

best tackle box 2022

  • Stores 3 3650 tackle trays
  • 4 exterior storage sections
  • Latches closure
  • Durable Body

Many anglers don’t buy the small tackle boxes or boxes with small compartments because their long plastic baits didn’t fit in there. But if you pick this one, you wouldn’t have to face this issue.

Along with three 3650-style tackle trays in the main section, this tackle system has dura view-covered compartments on left and right on the upper side. The long plastic baits can be easily placed in the compartments fixed on both sides of the main section. So it has four exterior compartments and one main section which has two access ways.

The tackle box is durable and strong and can bear the tough outdoor fishing conditions. A perfect medium-sized box that fits everywhere, is easy to carry, and easy to organize.

  • Offers plenty of room within this small size
  • The body is strong and rigid
  • Some users faced packaging issues but no hard side of the product

2- Wild River by CLC Fishing Tackle Bag

Best tackle box overall

  • Built-in Led Light
  • Mesh pockets
  • Upper section with two dividers
  • 5 large 3700 style tackle tray storage
  • Waterproof internal pocket
  • Two holding styles
  • Plier holders

If you are interested in some kind of professional, fully functional tackle box or bag, then you should definitely pick this one. It’s not a plastic box, but I would rather say a mini form of a Wild River Fishing backpack. It has all the same qualities that a backpack have from multi sections to multi-holding styles. It’s just a power pack bag.

First of all, this handlebar has a built-in LED light so it wouldn’t be difficult to find anything in the dark. Secondly, the long removable long shoulder stripe so it depends on your personal preference which style you want to adopt, hold it in hand or hand it on the shoulder.

My favorite thing about this bag is that it has a separate storage area for each and every accessory in such a portable size. The bottom part of the right side has a permanently mounted sunglasses holder and the right opposite this part has a water bottle holder along with a zipped pocket on both sides. 

Along with the lower main section which can accommodate five tackle trays which is seriously massive storage it also has 3 separate compartments in the upper section. And we aren’t done here.

To keep your valuable items like mobile or any other gadgets, like fish finders safe from water it has a sealed clear internal pocket. Moreover, it offers easy access to the pliers via holders and front mesh pockets and a lot more you will explore when you will buy it. Even though it is not a plastic box, but tearing or damage is what you shouldn’t be worried about it is a durable bag.

  • The bag offers manageability with plenty of secure sections
  • It is a strong and durable bag
  • Bulky Bag
  • Not a waterproof bag

3- Plano Edge Professional Series Tackle Storage Boxes

best waterproof tackle box

  • Transparent Lid
  • Dri-Loc Watertight Seal
  • Rust Resistant Base
  • Lift-out trays
  • Oversized latch closure
  • heavy-duty steel pin hinges

Plano products are on the loop in this list because they have been serving high-quality products for a very long time. Again this one is a portable and easy-to-carry plastic tackle box, it’s a flat design box and almost the same as a single tackle tray because it is not always you wanted a big tackle box with a huge storage capacity.

This premium quality organizer comes with lift-out trays specially designed for storing small objects like hooks and swivels it’s a unique design for every type of fishing. It has a transparent lid so you pick directly what you want.

Its plastic body and rust-resistant base make it a super smart choice for saltwater. Due to its Dri-Loc water-tight seal, your stuff will be safe from water.

It is suitable for kayak fishing because due to its ribbed base, it doesn’t slip easily. It’s a durable and lightweight product, but an expensive option as compared to others because it’s a single tray so you can precisely place the exact required lures and hooks. No doubt they are sturdy and will last longer and will easily fit in a tackle bag or fishing backpack.

  • The plastic is hard as compared to other standard tackle trays
  • It is a waterproof product
  • These trays are expensive to buy as each package contains a single tray

4- Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

best tackle bag for all type fishing

  • Polyester Construction
  • Water Proof
  • Stores four tackle boxes
  • 38.8 liters Storage capacity
  • Plenty of Pockets
  • Padded Shoulder Strap

Another durable polyester material carry bag that is waterproof and offers plenty of tackle storage and can also serve as a casual travel bag. It offers multiple picking styles one as a short handle on top and the other one as the long removable shoulder strap whose length can also be managed according to your own comfort.

To keep the bag inflated a molded base is used in the bag. The main zipper section can store four large tackle boxes which are also included with the bag. In addition to this, front and sided pockets, and back mesh pocket. So it’s a roomy bag offering durability for every type of fishing location and water resistance at this reasonable price.

The additional front side pockets can be used to store fishing lines, pliers, and other tools for easy access. It’s a fully organized bag that consumes less space but offers huge storage space in its every section. It’s a quality addition to the list and results in the best tackle box for all season. I must say it’s a traditional style bag with modern settings.

  • Its molded base keeps it upright
  • Plenty of room is available to store as much as you can
  • It is a durable bag that is fit to carry on every fishing type
  • The quality of tackle boxes needs improvements

5- Plano 3500 Size Tackle Box, Premium Tackle Storage

best affordable tackle box

  • Plastic Body
  • 4 3500 box space
  • 4 3500 tackle box included
  • Upper hooded section
  • 17 inches height

Honestly speaking whenever I look at it, it reminds me of a small water cooler that we bring on our summer trips. But don’t judge it by its looks. This giant buddy offers you plenty of bait storage that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice any of your bait leaving it behind due to lack of space. A fully proper organized tackle box for almost every fishing trip.

What I like about the plastic tackle boxes is that you wouldn’t have to worry about rusting and corrosion in case of saltwater fishing. They are solid and fixed so no sagging and gear damage due to water because of the plastic locks which close firmly. This rack system easy access and exposure to each object stored in it.

It’s 10 inches height rack and offers 4 tackle trays accommodated in the lower main section and in the upper hooded section which is deep and wide enough so, you can store whatever you want, fish food, line spools, scissors, fishing knives, or your own snacks. You can also use this box for saving your electric tools or other small stuff it’s a multipurpose tackle box.

Comes with a plastic body so a lightweight product easy to carry. Give this tackle box a chance it’s a good product available at a reasonable price. I recommend this box for your small fishing trips because it’s a small and compact tackle box especially if you are fed up from big bulky tackle boxes.

  • Due to the plastic body, it does not weigh much
  • It offers plenty of storage space
  • Serves as a multi-purpose product
  • The quality of plastic body needs improvement

6- Flambeau Outdoors Classic Tray Tackle Box

best tackle box for the money

best fishng tackle box
  • Plastic body
  • 2 or 3 layered trays
  • 32 tackle compartments
  • 13 removable dividers
  • Latch closure
  • Available in two colors

Now here comes the angler’s vanity box, the style of this tackle box will remind you of your mother’s vanity box. Just Joking!! A relevantly different style as compared to others in this list. This small box gives the first impression of less storage capacity, but it is just a thought.

It has 3-level layered trays with a total of 32 compartments and 13 removable dividers so arrange the lures and hooks as you want and you can also place your soft plastic baits which are longer than other baits and requires more space. The base storage is enough to store the big gear. So don’t be worried that you have to give up gear due to lack of space. Moreover, you can choose between two or three layers of style.

The plastic latch which opens and closes with a sound confirms that the lid is properly closed. Its lid also has an opening on the outer top side of the box. So those things which you want just close to the hand for quick access can be placed here.

This tackle box is perfectly balanced so it wouldn’t be flipped to one side when opened. What I like about this tackle box is its size which is 16 x 9 x 8.25 inches L x W x H a very handy box. You aren’t stuck to only using this as a fishing tackle box it can also be used as a first aid kit or a jewelry box, so better to call it an all-rounder tackle box.

  • Its long-lasting product wouldn’t damage too early
  • Serves as a multi-purpose tackle box
  • Waterproof
  • The hinges need improvements

7- Fishing Single Tray Tackle Gear Kit

best tackle box for the beginners

  • Plastic body
  • Single tray tackle box
  • Transparent lid
  • Double latches
  • Removable Upper tray
  • Additional storage space below the tray
  • 55 pcs Included

If you are in search of an economical package but don’t want to give up the quality or if you are a beginner, obviously at the initial stage nobody knows about the hooks, lures, and all other tiny objects, and it is not a wise option to start with expensive gear. So winding up, this tackle gear kit is a perfect startup package, but that doesn’t mean it lacks performance and quality.

This kit includes snelled and jig head hooks, spoon lures, crankbaits, plastic baits, sinkers and line weight, vertical pole float, round bobber floats, line clipper, and hook remover tool, and transparent fishing line. All these are basics that should be a part of every tackle gear kit. It’s a total 55 pcs tackle kit.

The upper tray is removable and has separate compartments for organized storage. It has a transparent lid that offers quick and easy access to the gear. Below the upper tray, the lower deep part offers additional storage space and access to larger size gears and tools.

At this reasonable price, it is a must-try tackle box because it suits every level angler. Its versatility made me add it to the list of best tackle boxes.

  • Complete tackle kit at a reasonable price
  • A perfect starting package for beginners and children
  • Changing the color of the box increases price
  • Pliers are not included in the kit

8- Flambeau Outdoors Portable Waterproof Tackle Box

best tackle box for kayak fishing

  • Glide trays
  • Customizable Dividers
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Airtight rubber Gasket
  • Polycarbonate plastic lid

This tackle tray offers very premium quality features but the most highlighting one is it is waterproof, its waterproof body and airtight rubber gasket make it perfect for kayak fishing and other saltwater fishing as gear and lures are fully water protected. Its transparent lid is made from polycarbonate plastic which is highly durable and UV protectant.

This tackle box has two parts the upper and the lower one. The two trays on the upper layer have small separate sections and both slides to the opposite position giving access to the bottom part. The bottom part has dividers and is deep enough to store reel and other uplifted gear.

It’s a durable, strong heavy-duty tackle box that is not only waterproof but also rust and corrosion resistant. So it can bear the tough conditions and due to its portability and small size that perfectly fits under the kayak’s seats, it is commonly used and popular among kayakers.

  • Due to its durability, it is perfect for kayak fishing
  • Offers plenty of storage capacity
  • It’s a waterproof tackle box
  • Expensive tackle box

Buying Guide for the best tackle box

Due to plenty of different styles, types, and options it is hard to pick one so to make it simple for you, here comes the guide that you should read and consider before buying the tackle box

Structure of Tackle Box

best tackle box


You may have noticed that this list of best tackle boxes also contains tackle bags, these soft-sided plastic bags are now becoming popular among anglers because they offer relatively a lot more storage space than tackle boxes. These tackle bags also contains separate compartments and plenty of pockets but it is unsafe to place a fishing knife in soft bags.

But on the other hand, tackle boxes are more durable, protect gear from water exposure, and is more safe to place sharp fishing objects in comparison to bags. With hard case boxes, it is more easy access to the gears, because of the transparent lids so you reach the exact lure position. Moreover, tackle boxes also serve as multi-purpose boxes. But they don’t offer shoulder strap options i.e. no free hands.

The tackle bags are almostthe mini backpacks, they also come with multiple straps so you can change the holding style.

In a conclusion, it’s all up to personal preference that which should be picked. Because both are performing best in their own tracks.

Storage Capacity

Plenty of different-size tackle boxes are now available from small to large enough. You definitely desire the box with plenty of compartments so you can store as much as you can, but here comes the thing, try to pick the box which consumes less space, if you going for a bag, it should be less bulky and the box should be middle or small sized so that you can easily carry it wherever you want.

If you are going on a long fishing trip, tackle bags are recommended because along with 3 to 4 tackle trays you can also store other necessary things otherwise tackle boxes are good to go because tackle boxes like Flambeau outdoor and Plano Angled offer cool storage capacity.

Size of the box

It is preferred the more small and portable the tackle box is, the more it adds comfort for the angler. And also if you are interested in kayak fishing, you should definitely pick the reasonable-sized boxes.

But the older or professional you are, you will definitely have plenty of lures, hooks, lines, and much other stuff, and why you would be leaving any gear that increases the chance of the catch? But on the other hand, bringing larger-sized boxes is a difficult task to the fishing location. But don’t worry about that, all the listed boxes and bags offer plenty of storage spaces, and they aren’t that giant. So you can easily pick any one of them.

Quality of the tackle box

When it comes to the quality of the tackle box I refer to its durability, well obviously that thing must be strong and durable and is used for storage purposes. Well, hard tackle boxes are more durable than bags.  They are waterproof, latest boxes are corrosion and rust resistant a little bit of care to take here is prevention from direct sunlight which may affect plastic as compared to soft-sided bags as the fabric can bear harsh sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

best tackle box


Tackle boxes are a much-needed thing for fishing they keep everything organized. You should pick them wisely because this is the kind of thing you wouldn’t be buying again and again. So buy one the durable, the long-lasting one. All the listed above are perfect quality products and all has the potential to gain the title of best tackle box.