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Best Spinning rod for Trout

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Trout fishing is always exciting fishing I believe not for me but for every angler. It is not just normal fishing you have to be specific with the technique, location, water condition, the time of the year, and most especially the gears setup. There are different types of trout each living in different locations and conditions so kind of proper planning and research is required for trout fishing.

For trout fishing, your rod must be appropriate meeting all the requirements, it is preferred that a lightweight and light-medium action rod is a perfect option for catching a trout. In this article, I have listed some of the best spinning rods for trout along with some important points to consider before buying. So next time it will be a lot easier for you to search for the perfect trout rod. Make sure to pair your selected rod with one of the best trout spinning reels from the list.

Top 3 Picks for Best Trout Spinning

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Fiberglass and graphite construction
  • EVA grips
  • 7 years warranty
  • Stainless steel guides
St. Croix Rods Trout Series Spinning Rod, TFS
St. Croix Rods Trout Series Spinning Rod
  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • Split grip EVA handles
  • Sea Guide NPS reel seats
  • 5-year warranty
Okuma Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods
Okuma Celilo Graphite Ultra Light Trout Rods
  • Graphite blank construction
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • Cork Grips
  • Stainless steel hook keeper

List of Best Spinning rods for Trout

1- Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

best trout spinning fishing rod

the best spinning rod allrounder
  • Fiberglass and graphite construction
  • EVA grips
  • 7 years warranty
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Lightweight

Talking about spinning rods, and not listing a Shakespeare product. Yes, there we are discussing the Ugly Stik GX2 spinning fishing rod. When trout fishing, choosing a sensitive rod is a wiser option so each time the trout tries to bite the bait, you can feel the slightest touch so lesser are the chances that you will miss it.

This rod with both the traditional and advanced features serves its best in almost every fishing condition. Its combined graphite and fiberglass rod construction make it strong, durable, and flexible without adding any extra weight saving angler’s arm from fatigue. All these features make it a quality addition to your trout fishing rod collection.

When trout fishing, a rod with a 7ft length is a perfect length to pick but you can also pick in accordance with your own personal preference and suitability as Ugly Stik GX2 in almost 10 different lengths. You also have options among it style either to pick 1 piece, 2 pieces even a 4 piece rod. So the best trout fishing spinning rod for your next trout fishing tour is just a click away from you.

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight rod so a perfect choice for trout fishing
  • Available in different lengths
  • No fruitful results when used with braided line

2- St. Croix Rods Trout Series Spinning Rod

best St. Croix trout rod

  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • Split grip EVA handles
  • Sea Guide NPS reel seats
  • Sea Guide Atlas Performance guides
  • Stainless steel rings and frames
  • 5-years warranty

One of the main reasons for adding the St Croix Trout series to the list of best trout fishing rods is its sensitivity and being light in weight due to its higher quality graphite rod construction. These rods are specially designed for trout fishing fulfilling the core fishing requirement with their premium SCII Carbon Fiber construction.

St Croix rods are great in freshwater fishing and let me remind you that trout are freshwater species, this 1-piece rod with its incredible sensitivity feature eliminates the chances of missing your catch and lets you target a big trout. They are designed strong and durable to serve the best out of the best in every location and water condition.

The EVA handles on the rod improve the level of comfort making it possible to hold it for a long day fishing moreover trout may give you a tough time so a rod offering a strong and firm grip must be your fishing partner there and St Croix handles with NPS reel seats which saves your reel from loosening are just what you need, lightweight sensitive, strong, firm grip what else should you be looking for a good spinning rod for trout.

It is available in different lengths and construction styles i.e. 1,2,3 pieces so pick that best suits you.

  • The rod is an all-rounder as works in every water condition
  • Its handles offer a firm grip for a tough fight
  • It is available in multiple lengths and power
  • Being 2 piece rod it snaps when used with a heavy reel

3- Okuma Celilo Graphite Ultra Light Trout Rods

best ultralight spinning rod for trout

best trout spinning fishing rod
  • Graphite blank construction
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • Cork Grips
  • Stainless steel hook keeper

One of the finest quality rods on this list is Okuma Celilo Graphite trout rods that come with graphite blank construction the special thing about these rods is they are incredibly sensitive and not only this they are so lightweight and when paired with a proper lightweight reel it is half the weight as compared to other spinning rods for trout.

It is a 2-piece rod so it is convenient to carry it and travel. One thing I personally like about this product is its reel seats, I have faced often that while retrieving line the reel loosens up and I have to tighten it up time to time but with this Okuma Celilo I get rid of this annoying act I paired it with Daiwa BG 1500 and it proved a perfect setup for me.

These rods have corks grips rather than EVA and they offer a firm grip even with wet hands it is possible to grasp them firmly. In addition to all this, they offer long casting distances with pinpoint accuracy and also perform well with braided lines.

Many users complain that the rods snap but it doesn’t happen with me, Okuma has been my trout fishing partner for almost five years and the secret is always to use a lightweight reel with a lightweight rod, an overweight reel always loads extra pressure while retrieving which causes the rod to snap. For me, it is the best spinning rod for trout so give it a chance I assure you it a worth buying a trout fishing rod.

  • It is a corrosion-resistant rod, so also saltwater friendly
  • Offers long casting distance
  • It is a lightweight rod
  • Tip breakage issues

4- Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod

best spinning rod for trout fishing

  • Graphite blank construction
  • Moderate Action
  • Ergonomic minimal real seat
  • Stainless Steel guides
  • 5 years warranty

One reason to pick this rod is it’s cosmetic resemblance with Okuma Celilo as it also has cork grips for a firm grip. They are less flexible as compared to other spinning rods but they do offer super sensitivity and the angler receives vibrations from the rod tip so one can feel even your fish is around the bait. The 24 Ton graphite rod construction makes it a stiffer one as the greater this numeric value is, the more stiff the rod is.

They are pure graphite rods which adds a raise in their price but it is worth buying this product. It is a lightweight rod and meets all the modern fishing requirements while maintaining the traditional. A perfect moderate action rod not only for trout but for smallmouth bass and walleye too.

The real seats are corrosion resistant so yes you can try your luck in saltwater fishing as well. Here is a recommendation from my side to use this rod for smaller trout, for lake trout as fighting with a larger one will be more challenging with this rod.

It is a properly tested product that offers smooth casting and retrieving with the needed backbone of a spinning rod. It comes with 5 years of warranty with good customer service you can contact the main company if any problem occurs. So no doubt it is the best trout fishing rod.

  • The rod is much sensitive rod to feel the slightest hit underwater
  • It is available in different lengths and actions so you are not stuck to just one size or action and power
  • Expensive rod
  • Not much flexible rod in comparison to other spinning rods

5- KastKing Calamus Ultra-Light Spinning Rods

best all rouder spinning rod for trout

  • Graphite blank construction
  • 650 K strain rate
  • Titanium Guide frames and rings
  • Graphite reel seats
  • EVA grips
  • Available in 9 models

Don’t feel stuck that the trout spinning rod will only serve to catch trout I have found an all-rounder trout fishing rod that will be your fishing partner in every situation, in different locations with different species. Yes, KastKing Calamus spinning rods are graphite blanks with a 650 K strain rate which indicates the rod’s strength.

Many graphite rods lack sensitivity while maintaining weight and other durability factors but this rod all these in a decent manner. A perfect lightweight rod reduces the tiredness an angler feels while holding the rod for a longer time. Calamus spinning rod with incredible sensitivity let the angler catch trout, crappie, panfish, smallmouth bass, and many other warm water species. KastKing has never disappointed us with its versatile product and this is a product proven as the best spinning rod for trout.

With attractive and stylish cosmetics and a comfortable EVA handle Calamus rods performs very well and are even suitable for beginners. It has graphite reel seats, titanium guide frames, and rings. With a 2-piece design rod, it is also a travel-friendly rod one can carry easily on a small car or wherever you want. It is available in nine different models varying in different lengths, actions, and power. A perfect rod for finesse fishing.

  • These rods are so lightweight that there is barley any fatigue to the arms
  • Versatile rod with attractive cosmetics
  • Perfect rod for the price
  • No specific issues found

6- G.Loomis Classic Trout Panfish Spinning Rods

best spinning trout rod

best trout fishing rod
  • Mid modulus construction
  • Fiber blend technology
  • Handcrafted Product
  • Available at seven different prices

G Loomis is a good alternative option to other branded spinning rods for trout. The rod is lightweight and strong enough to catch a 5, 6 pounds weight fish. It comes with mid-modulus construction which indicates that the rod is stiff whereas can be flexible where needed and on the other hand maintains the sensitivity feature.

The rods were basically designed for freshwater small species but head down to the professional anglers’ techniques and strategies they made it possible to fight a big catch with this high-performance rod. So now from bass to trout, shad fishing to seatrout, one can confidently pick this product with no regrets about buying it.

You can pair it with Stradic CI4 2500 saltwater spinning reel, this makes a perfect balanced fishing rod setup. It is available in ultra-light to light power and moderate and fast action at 7 different prices in three different lengths.

  • Lightweight rods yet strong and sensitive
  • Can fight a big fish
  • Suitable to catch multiple species
  • Tip breakage issues

7- Cadence Spinning Rod

best travel spinning rod for trout

  • 3O Ton Carbon matric graphite blanks
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Stainless Steel guides with SiC inserts
  • Perfect for both freshwater and inshore fishing
  • 2 piece rod design

I have noticed that many users review badly about the product because of bad customer service even if they have a very small issue but poor customer service makes it a big issue. But you shouldn’t be worried about that with Cadence’s spinning rod they have a supportive team always there for their users.

Talking about this 30 Ton carbon, graphite blank which offers durability, sensitivity, strong and lightweight rods with high-quality performance it also guarantees that more vibrations will be transmitted through the rod and you will feel the slightest fish response.

Many anglers get offended when lines stick into the guides, nor is the issue anymore with a spinning rod, the stainless steel guides with SiC inserts offer smooth performance and ideal casting and with Fuji reel seats you can fight the hardest catch fish. The rod is just perfect for your lake or stream to tournament game fishing.

The rod isn’t just the best spinning rod for trout and bass but also for inshore species like redfish, freckled trout, and flounder. It is a multi-talented 2-piece rod easy to carry on any fishing trip.

  • A higher quality performance product at an affordable price
  • gravida sociis erat ante eleifend
  • Incredible sensitivity even let feel the water movement
  • Strong rods but still lightweight
  • No long term warranty is available with this product

8- Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

best trout rod for the money

  • Indestructible graphite blank construction
  • 1-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides
  • Conventional reel seats
  • Stainless steel cushioned hoods
  • Plug and jetty fishing rod
  • 7 years of warranty

Last but not least my most personal favorite product from this list, it’s like my all-time favorite, if no one can do wonders Ugly Stik Tiger can do, perfect in all aspects from price range to performance it is a marvelous spinning rod. The strong blanks with graphite added to its construction make it a durable and sensitive spinning rod with enough backbone to fight a big catch.

Conventional reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hooks fix your reel firmly on the rod which wouldn’t be loosed while fighting a big fish. The rubber handles add more comfort and ease to using this rod.

The top thing that I like about this rod is that it is suitable for all level anglers, even beginners can use it with the same confidence as the professional angler can. The rods support different fishing techniques at different fishing locations so beginners wouldn’t have to be technique specific.

It pairing with Daiwa BG 5000 reel and PENN 6000 series is recommended. Moreover, braided fishing line is quite fruitful using with it. It is a heavy-duty spinning rod at such a budget-friendly cost. It is no doubt the best trout fishing rod with 7 years of warranty.

  • It is one of the affordable rods
  • Braided fishing line can also be used with this rod
  • Strong enough to catch hardest fighting fish
  • Sensitive enough to feel the slightest nibbles
  • Not a travel-friendly rod due to I piece rod design

Buying Guide for a trout spinning fishing rod

Lets have a look on a buying guide for a finding a best rout rod


You may have noticed that I have repeatedly mentioned in almost every rod’s review that “the rod lets you feel the slightest tough by fish” and you have read the word “Sensitivity” again and again and wondered why? Because trout fish are far more smarter and sharper than you think, they aren’t short-tempered like bass, trout wouldn’t let you feel any touch but your lure will be gone if you are using any ordinary rod.

So before buying a spinning rod for trout make sure that the rod is sensitive enough to detect trout’s tricks and techniques. Although professionals are very much aware of it, but beginners you should be smart enough to catch a trout.

Rod Material

Since sensitivity is the most important factor for trout rods, so the only rod material which is perfect for trout rods is “graphite”. Graphite rods are considered the most powerful and most sensitive fishing rods as compared to other construction materials. And the good thing is all the above-mentioned rods are graphite rods so you don’t have to search here and there.


Rod length mostly depends upon the location, fishing type, and even the length of the angler. In trout fishing, normally a 6-7 ft. rod is considered perfect.


The action indicates flexibility that how much your rod can bend the slower the action is, the more flexible your rod is. In trout fishing, not too much stiff and not too much flexible rod is required so you should go for a medium action rod.

Some additional information for catching a trout

Trout Fishing lure

To trap a trout, you must use a specific lure that attracts the trout and is specially designed for trout fishing, but for this, you should be aware of different types of lures and some good lures for trout.

best spinning rod for trout

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best time to catch trout?

The early morning and late afternoon are the recommended time which means that the trout appears in dark.

Which is the best season to catch a trout?

The spring season is the best time for trout fishing when it is not too warm not too cold.

In what water temperature does trout live?

They live in moderate water temperatures between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit they don’t like the extreme weather conditions.

How many types of trout are present in the world?

Almost 11 to 15 types are present.

Final Thoughts

Trout fishing is fun but when done with the right rod. I know selecting a rod is a bit difficult task but with appropriate knowledge, it wouldn’t be tough anymore, especially for beginners. There are plenty of types of rods, finding a perfect trout reel and a suitable type of trout lure is all you have to do. The above-mentioned list of best spinning rods for trout will help you find the right spinning rod for your next fishing trip. Wishing you the best of luck!

Catching trout is a fun experience when trolling, learn more about the trolling fishing rods for the trout in our guide.

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