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8 best spinning reels for bass

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Finally, the trend is changed from baitcasting reels being only the best fishing reels for bass fishing, today spinning reels are enhanced, updated, and sturdy enough to fight against aggressive and heavy bass. Today, anglers are surrounded by the best spinning reels for bass ever made.

Still, many folks are stuck with baitcasters but it’s a big relief for novice anglers to use the easy-to-operate spinning reels to catch bass. The easy drag adjustments, lightweight structure, and top of all their affordable price range are all powerful factors to declare spinning reels suitable for the bass catch.

There is still a lot more to learn about the spinning reels like gear ratio, count of ball bearings, drag adjustments, line capacity, and much more. Don’t worry everything will be explained in detail.

Before a buying guide, this article contains a list of the 8 best spinning reels for bass which are just a click away from you. Many more factors should be considered before shortlisting one from the already selected eight reels as best!

Buckle up your seat belts, to dive into the list of popular spinning reels make sure to read till last because by the end I am damn sure that you will find your best bass spinning reel.

Top 3 Picks for the best spinning reels for bass

Best for long casts
Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel
Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel
  • C6 Carbon body
  • 8+1 Stainless steel bearings
  • 17 lb. max drag capacity
  • Rocket Line management system
Best for saltwater
Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel
Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel
  • Carbon body construction
  • 7+1 ball bearings
  • 24 lb. max drag
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
best for the money
best bass reel for the money
Penn Pursuit III Nearshore Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Graphite reel body
  • Stainless steel 5 ball bearings
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • Available in 6 different sizes

List of best spinning reels for bass Reviewed in Detail

1- Piscifun Flame Spinning Fishing Reels

best for budget

best budget spinning reel for bass
  • Carbon fiber reel body
  • EVA foam handles
  • Stainless Steel bearings
  • 9+1 ball bearings
  • 19.8 max drag  
  • Braid ready spool
  • Aluminum Bail wire
  • Front drag adjustment knob
  • Available in 6 different sizes

Piscifun flame the best known for its smoother operation. How a reel can’t be smooth enough with 9+1 ball bearings? Piscifun made sure not to leave any room for improvement in this reel construction and design. The best spinning reel for bass because of its right size range and lightweight structure.

First of all, it’s a carbon fiber reel. The reel is resistant to corrosion, durable, and still feathery and lightweight. You can enjoy full-day fishing without any arm fatigue.

The Piscifun flame features a smaller-sized reel body, which makes it easy to place in your tackle box to bring anywhere you want. The best part about these reels is even upgrading to 5000 the reel is still smaller and smarter structured.  

Its x-spool design enhances its performance even though each internal component of the reel plays in role in smooth cast and retrieval. The reel has plenty of features to be recommended for bass fishing.

The reel comprises anti-corrosion zinc drive gear, triple drag washers, and top of all that stainless ball bearings. The reel offers smooth performance against different species.

Every entry-level angler should strongly consider this reel for their start-up setup. Featuring powerful drag power with 19.8 lb. the reel is quite famous among serious anglers too.

I like the reel EVA foam handle which rightly fits with the reel’s overall size. In addition to the reel’s functional features, it is also attractive with its looks. The matt black body with red combination attracts the buyer’s towards it.

Don’t worry the fancy cosmetics don’t affect the body’s durability, the reel is strong enough to bear saltwater abuse, and its availability as an ice reel clearly defines that it can bear extremely harsh weather conditions too.

It is available from 500 to 5000-size spinning reels with a 5.2:1 gear ratio. It comes with a braid-ready spool with a maximum 60 lb. braid line capacity with 5000 sized.

Piscifun reels are banging for the buck with all the premium quality features at an affordable price range with easy reel operation. It is indeed the best bass reel for the budget.

  • Lightweight reel
  • Durable spool and reel body
  • Hi power reel with enough drag to catch largemouth bass
  • Braid ready spool
  • Sensitive enough to feel smaller bites
  • The oversized bail

2- Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

best for long casts

best spinning reel for bass for longer casts
  • C6 Carbon body
  • EVA foam knob grip
  • 8+1 Stainless steel bearings
  • Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system
  • Rocket Line management system
  • Anti-reverse switch
  • 17 lb. max drag capacity
  • Available in 4 different sizes

Abu Garcia fishing gear never disappoints us, whether they are for saltwater or freshwater fishing. The trustful brand offers quality reels. The price might be sparkling with this one, but the reel that lasts longer is a worthy addition to the arsenal, especially for bass anglers.

Bass isn’t only the freshwater specie, you might have to experience ocean fishing to catch bigger-sized bass. Make sure you are using the right durable and smooth reel for this type of fishing.

Abu Garcia Revo SX is a premium quality hero reel that comes with the ideal gear ratio the exact requirement for bass fishing i.e. 6.2:1 gear ratio. Retrieve the line quickly to not to miss any chance to catch bass.

I appreciate the balance in weight of the reel the manufacturers have successfully achieved. With its carbon body, it causes no disturbance with the rod weight and hence no arm fatigue.

Featuring a carbon matrix drag system, that offers smooth drag and an efficient fishing experience. The drag offers to fish with low-pound tests fluorocarbon line. Again I am impressed by the reel’s smooth casting with lighter lines.

If you are looking for the best bass spinning reel for casting long with artificial lures, Abu Garcia Revo SX is a perfect match.

The reel with reducing backslashes and line tangles as the rocket line management makes sure the line sets on the spool properly, and its spools off smoothly.  So it is also recommended for entry-level anglers too. Although I do not recommend spinning reels for more than $50 to beginners this is worth buying.

To make sure the reel’s internal components offer frictionless revolutions, buttery casting, and retrieving, and not to disappoint under heavy loads, it features 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings which are also corrosion-resistant to bear saltwater bruises.

You can enjoy long-lasting smooth operation with this reel as the main shaft and other internal components are also stainless steel that resists rust strongly.

This model deserves the appreciation that besides the addition of plenty of premium features from soft-touch handles to durable components there isn’t an increase in the weight. It’s still the lighter buddy with heavy power.

It is difficult to swallow at the start to spend this amount on a spinning reel, but once you paired this reel with one of your best bass spinning rods, I bet you will be addicted to this level of smoothness and sensitivity.

  • Smooth drag reel
  • Casts longer
  • Lightweight
  • Line spool off smoothly
  • Stiffer bail close
  • Expensive reel

3- Piscifun Alloy X Spinning Reel Saltwater

 best bass spinning reel overall

best bass reel overall
  • Aluminum body and spool
  • Carbon rotor and drag
  • EVA handle grip
  • 11+1 aluminum ball bearings
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Waterproof design
  • Sealed body and components
  • Available in 5 different sizes 

Saltwater particles and debris somehow make their way to enter the reel body and disturb the performance of the internal components. A rusted reel is a total failure and useless because once a reel gets corroded, it is impossible to achieve smooth retrievals even if you apply the vinegar trick or other crafts.

If you are bad at reel maintenance, or lazy enough to give it a freshwater wash, the Piscifun alloy spinning reel is the right choice for you. Its waterproof design blocks dust particles, salt, and debris to enter the reel body. The reel body is sealed from the front drag to the end.

Secondly, all bass aren’t of the same size. There is a vast variety in bass sizes, especially the ocean bass, so your reel should be durable, strong, and sturdy enough for tough catches with smooth retrievals. The reel is available in 2000-6000 sizes so pick the right one for your type of fishing.

Presenting you the high-end reel that comprises both aluminum and carbon components. It features the CNC machined aluminum body, and an aluminum braid-ready hollow-shaped spool, with a carbon rotor and drags washers. All these premium quality features, increase its strength to 25% more than ever before.

Note the thing that it is internally made corrosion resistant as well as its outer body as saltwater never shows mercy upon gear.

Your best spinning reel for bass must be lighter in weight and comfortable for anglers to hold long. As aluminum reels are heavier than graphite body reels, to overcome this issue, Piscifun reduces the overall weight to 30% with CNC machined body. So it is a better option than other aluminum reels.

The smooth drag, smooth line casts, and retrievals, the credit goes to the shielded aluminum 11+1 ball bearings. It is a well-thought and well-engineered reel design that gives tough competition to other top brands.

Highlighting its more premium specifications, it has one-piece aluminum bail, 39 lb. max drag capacity (I like the clicking sound of the drag), and the perfect gear ratio of 5.2:1.

The Piscifun reel is suitable for both serious and novice anglers. Its easy operations make it suitable for every skill level of anger. Not only the drag adjustment but the removal of the back cover for greasing is also a great addition to the reel features. So it is better to give it the tag of the best spinning reel for bass overall.

  • Also suitable for inshore fishing
  • East to operate the reel
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reduce unnecessary components for weight storage
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Handle screwing loose it after some time

4- Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel

best saltwater spinning reel for bass

best bass reel for saltwater
  • Carbon body construction
  • Hagane body and gear
  • 7+1 ball bearings
  • 24 lb. max drag
  • Available in 500-5000 size
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio

Many anglers prefer well-known reel brands and well-reviewed. Shimano is one of those trusty classic brands serving anglers with high-quality features and gear for almost every type of suitable. Then how it is possible that a Shimano reel isn’t included in the best bass-spinning reel list?

Shimano Vanford with the Shimano’s premium features g-free Hagane body and Hagane gear. So one thing you shouldn’t be worried about with this reel is its durability.  Its carbon fiber body is lighter, sturdier, and smoother just the right pick for bass fishing.

Carbon body reels are already lighter in weight as compared to other reels, but Shimano Vanford with the reduction of some unnecessary internal components, and advanced construction is lighter in weight and top of all smaller in size.

The Shimano’s 5000 isn’t big and bulkier as compared to other reels. So you can easily bring it anywhere you want. A recommended reel for inshore and freshwater bass fishing as its long-stroke spool technology offers the casting distance required for saltwater fishing.

Its X-ship gear support system leads to achieving a smooth casting and retrieving experience for the anglers. A high-quality reel suitable for both fresh and saltwater is a worthy addition to the spinning reel collection.

For fast spooling of the line, it has a 6.2:1 gear ratio which is the recommended value by professional bass anglers. With less force, more line will be retrieved. So the great reel with the best gear ratio for bass.

Shimano Vanford is also the perfect pick when fishing with finesse techniques. Spinning reels give you enough leverage to experiment with different bait presentations. Pair it with one of your best drop-shot fishing rods to enjoy an enhanced fishing experience.

Shimano reels are loaded with tons of high-tech features. Learn more about the Shimano reels and their tech features in our detailed review of the best Shimano spinning reels.

  • High-tech spinning reel at an affordable price
  • Smooth drag
  • Light-weight
  • Smooth operation with the great feel of smaller bites
  • No anti-reverse switch in this reel
  • The features like MGL rotor or long-stroke spool aren’t included in the 500-size reel

5- Pflueger Trion Spinning Fishing Reel

best premium bass spinning reel

best premium bass spinning reel
  • Aluminum spool
  • Stainless steel
  • 7 ball bearings
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Anti-reverse switch
  • 14 lb. max drag
  • Freshwater series
  • Front drag knob

As an entry-level angler, it is better to go with budget-friendly reels rather than direct jumps to expensive reels. Piscifun Trion is the best recommended to novice and freshwater bass anglers.

The best part about this reel is the reduced rate of bird nests. You can easily cast with these reels without any disturbance. The anti-twist role does do its job at best.

It is a graphite reel with an aluminum spool and stainless steel ball bearings. It is a basic-level reel so isn’t highly tough against corrosion.  

The reel’s slow oscillations gearing confirms the even lay of line on the spool. These slower oscillations increase casting distance and improve casting accuracy as the line leaves the spool with less friction. The speed of the line is reduced as it moves up and down the spool on the cast.

It also has a prominent-sized fully gripped handle knob which is easier to hold and does not slip easily from the hand.

Its multi-disc drag system makes sure to deliver smooth line casting and is powerful enough to fight a bass. Pair it with a 5’6’’ to 7 feet long ultra-light to medium power spinning rod to mark the results with plenty of bass catches.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget-friendly bass reel
  • Durable reel body
  • Perfect larger freshwater catches
  • Heavier than other spinning reels
  • Not suitable for saltwater fishing

6- Penn Pursuit III Nearshore Spinning Reel

 best bass reel for the money

When it comes to PENN you are dealing with a mature reel that is durable enough to tackle saltwater abuse and rough fights. PENN Pursuit with its incredibly low price range and powerful performance drags many anglers towards it.

From 2500 to 8000 size, it is available in a vast variety of sizes. It’s a clear sign that reel is ideally made to pair it with heavy power rods to target larger catches.

When fishing saltwater for bass, PENN pursuit should be considered with other high-end reels. With 4+1 ball bearings although you wouldn’t get the Piscifun or Abu Garcia level smoothness. But it’s a great deal at this price point.

For balancing weight and preventing any additional weight on the longer rods these spinning reels are graphite bodies that are lightweight and corrosion-resistant because the best spinning setup is supposed to be light to prevent any fatigue to the arm.

Try it in lakes, rivers, and ponds, and give it a chance pairing with your inshore and other saltwater fishing rods to end up with a nice bass fishing combo.

Featuring the HT-100 carbon fiber powerful drag system, that ensures enough capacity to land bigger ones. Moreover, the Superline spool maintains the line on the spool and prevents its slipping off the spool.

Overall, a great choice for saltwater fishing when searching for the bang for the buck type reel.

Just be conscious of the specifications as 6000 and 8000-sized reels are slower than smaller sizes. They have a gear ratio of 5.6:1 while the smaller sizes have 6.2:1 gear ratios.

  • Best bass spinning reel under $50
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Powerful drag
  • Can be spooled with heavy fishing lines
  • Lesser ball bearings

7- Cadence CS8 Spinning Reel

best high-speed spinning reel for bass

best for high-speed
  • Carbon-magnesium body
  • 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • Front drag system
  • EVA handles
  • Braid ready spool
  • One-piece Aluminum bail

For bass fishing, it is better to go with spinning reels that are good with finesse techniques. Cadence CS8 spinning really gives you enough leverage to try different bait presentations paired with the right spinning rod.

Cadence reel is a very lighter mode reel with features that are just right for bass fishing. Talking about its body material i.e. Carbon-magnesium construction. Magnesium is a bit more studier and stronger material than aluminum thus also reducing the reels’ overall weight.

It comes with a good spool design, this aluminum spool is powerful enough to drag bigger catches. I really like the even line lay on the spool which is also braid-ready. Its polished spool lip prevents the line from slipping off the spool and hence improved the casting ability of the reel.

This reel is a perfect package for performance and budget. Cadence makes sure to deliver the best quality reel at an affordable price to make it accessible to every type of angler. If you want the best bass spinning reel but within a budget, pick the Cadence CS8.

You may notice that the other budget-friendly reels that we mentioned above in the list have less no of ball bearings almost 5 or 7. Cadence CS8 competes with big brand reels like Abu Garcia and Shimano featuring 10 corrosion-resistant, stainless steel shielded ball bearings.

Cadence is offering you the same smooth performance at an incredible price. The reel is designed durable enough to pass the tough fish trials. The reel comes with 36 lbs. max drag power to you can target pretty much bigger catches. It has the right size spool, not a bulky giant with enough line capacity for largemouth bass.  

It is not ideally a saltwater reel but if you are good with reel maintenance and give it a freshwater wash each time you fish saltwater, then confidently pair it with your best saltwater fishing rods.

This reel has the ideal retrieving speed i.e. 6.2:1 gear ratio (38 inches per one-handle turn). Overall, a well-built reel with a lightweight body and casts smoothly. Its spool lip design prevents line slipping, line twists, and tangles hence improving casting with longer distances.

It is available in 4 different sized from 1000-4000 so if you are a serious bass angler or you want to gift something nice to your young angler Cadence CS8 is the best choice for its speed and smooth operation.

  • Beginner-friendly reel covering both terms the price and the operation
  • Reduce line twists and tangles with this reel
  • Also suitable for saltwater fishing due to its drag power
  • Excessive saltwater fishing can corrode the reel make sure to grease it properly after freshwater wash
  • No sealed components

8- KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

best entry-level reel for bass

best entery level reel for bass
  • Graphite body
  • Aluminum Spool
  • 9+1 stainless steel Ball bearings
  • Instant Anti-reverse Switch
  • 4.5:1 gear ratio with 4000-5000 
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio with 500-3000
  • 17.5 max drag power of KastKing Summer  
  • 13.9 max drag power of KastKing Centron.   

Ice fishing anglers must be familiar with Kastking Summer as is it one of the best reels for ice fishing with its durable body structure and internal components that are strong enough to bear the extreme weather conditions.

The good news is that Kast King Centron and Summer are available in up to 5000 reel sizes to better suit different fishing conditions. The powerful drag with 17 lbs. stopping power will never disappoint you when targeting both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

The hard metal main shaft, perfect mesh drive gear, and precision machined pinion gear enhances the overall performance of the reel. Its improved spool lip design prevents ling tangles and knots hence resulting in smooth and longer casts even with live baits.

Moreover, for super smooth vibration-free line reeling it has 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings. The reel features all of the components required for bass fishing.

Yes, it retrieves line much slower than Cadence CS8, but it’s great to target all kinds of panfish. 1000 to 2500 is perfect for finesse techniques following freshwater fishing.

Although not ideally lightweight just like the other graphite reels but something under $30 with level smoothness, durability, and drag power is a treat. It’s a nice reel for lighter lines and lures.

A perfect bass reel for freshwater ultra-light spinning rods.

  • Affordable high-power reel
  • Perfect for ultra-light spinning setup
  • Longer casts with more line capacity
  • Not suitable for saltwater fishing

How to choose the best spinning reels for bass

Now that you have checked which are the best options, to pick one out of the best, read this buying guide carefully to make sure you wouldn’t miss a bass catch. To pair something top quality and high performing with your best bass spinning rods it is good to read the buying guide.

Before reading the buying guide, keep in mind bass isn’t the same-sized target, it comes in different ranges of size. So if you are searching for “the one, best for all” you might need to change your mind.

Reel Construction

The construction material of the reel body reflects its durability, level of performance, its weight, and even the price of the reel is also directly proportional to the material used. If you are spending your money then it’s your right to go with the reel that lasts longer with durable components.

Generally, aluminum and graphite reel bodies are used. Some brands are also producing carbon fiber reels which are no doubt great but slightly more expensive than the other two material reels.  

Highlighting the features of the graphite reel bodies, they are lighter in weight, and more resistant to corrosion than an aluminum ones. However, you might miss the sturdiness and toughness of the aluminum alloy with graphite ones.

Graphite reels and spools offer smooth casting for a long time because the only drawback with aluminum reels is that they are more prone to corrosion if aren’t greased properly after saltwater fishing.

Use synthetic oils for this purpose. In addition to body and spool construction, the material of ball bearings, arm handles, and bail do matter.


The size of the reel is directly proportional to the balance of the overall setup. If you attach a big bulky bigger sized reel like 5000 to 6000 size with an ultra-light reel it’s a complete disaster.

The too much smaller reel with a smaller spool might become a cause for a missed catch so be right with the size. For targeting freshwater bass, the spinning reels of 2500-4000 size are the optimal pick with a 5-12 lb. line test.

You can pick the bigger reel sizes of 6000-7000 with 14 to 30 lb. line test but these reels often have low gear ratios of normally 5.2:1.

Targeting bass, or any other species, it matters a lot that you are comfortable with your selected rod and reel. The best spinning reel for bass must be the right pick for the rod, the reel that balances with rod size and weight.


What’s the point of selecting a spinning setup, if you get tired just after a few hours? Fishing for bass, you must be active enough.

A heavy-weight spinning reel with a heavy power rod might be difficult to handle for full-day fishing. The bigger-sized reels are also heavier in weight their combination with flimsy and flexible rods is a foolish selection. That’s why big bulky reels are often paired with medium to medium power rods.

The weight of the reel is dependent on its construction material. As we stated before graphite and carbon fiber fishing reels have lightweight structures as compared to aluminum reels.

Going with larger spool reels also increases their weight and at this point, I like PENN fishing reels they have more line capacities without being bulkier and bigger.

Gear ratio

The gear ratio indicates the speed of the reel. This is how many times the spool rotates on one turn of the handle and how much line it retrieves on one crank. The more it rotates on one turn, the more line it retrieves with speed.

The higher gear ratios are also an indication of less force required. For bass fishing, as different bait presentations are used is better to go with a medium rating i.e. 6:1 gear ratio. This means the spool will rotate 5 or 6 times on one handle revolution.

The reels below this rating are generally considered slow-spinning reels. To cast spinnerbaits, jerk baits, and other top water lures 6:1 medium gear ratio reels are the optimal pick. 

If you are interested in bottom fishing, slow-speed spinning reels are perfect when it is hot at surface levels and bass move to shallow waters for spawning. At this time, you may not need fast hook sets.

Spool capacity

We can divide this heading into further parts the material of the spool, the size of the spool, and at last the spool’s line capacity.  It’s a clear warning that much of the reel working is dependent on the spool.

If it’s not of high quality the major missing is the smooth casting and line retrievals. Too much smaller spools may cause more line coils as more line coils mean the line is prone to tangles and twists. The line should spool off properly and smoothly.

To target bigger-sized fish you may need larger spools with much line capacity to spool 30-50 pound test braided lines. You can easily cast swimbaits and jigs far enough.

 For finesse techniques, the medium-sized reels of 2500-4000 with medium spools are perfect with 8 to 12-pound test fishing lines.   

The spool/ line capacity is directly proportional to the casting distance achieved with this bass reel. The more the line, the longer you can cast the lures.\

Fishing with monofilaments fishing lines required more capacity than braided lines. As they have a thick diameter. The same spool of the same capacity can cover more braided line length.

Ball bearings

How come the internal components of the reel work so smoothly even under heavy loads and even exposure to saltwater? The credits go to the ball bearings.

The physically smaller component reduces the amount of friction among the internal moving parts of the reel for smooth and tensionless working.

Regarding all this, the material of the ball bearings influences a lot the reel performance. The design pattern of the ball bearings whether they are sealed or shielded, all these factors should be examined in detail.

The Stainless steel ball bearings are the top recommended material objects. They are perfectly smooth and resistant to corrosion at a higher scale than aluminum ones.

Salt particles or debris make their way to internal reel components it is necessarily important for the ball bearings to be covered with a protective layer because a rusted reel is a complete failure.

For freshwater bass fishing, shielded ball bearings are perfect and for saltwater fishing, it is recommended to go with sealed ones. Overall, the ball bearings must not be working roughly and shouldn’t feature any vibrations.   

The greater the number of ball bearings the smoother reel performs.

Drag System

The main reason for spinning reels’ popularity among anglers, especially beginners is the easy drag adjustment. Most spinning reels feature the front drag knob to tighten or loosen the friction plates.

A rear drag adjustment is also an option but recommended to experienced ones. Front drag systems are easy to operate and offer smooth retrievals.

The lose the drag is, the more line can easily spool off the reel, the tight the drag is set, the more it is difficult for a fish to cast out more line.

The drag system went into action when the hooked fish starts pulling the line with full strength. The reel starts releasing the line while rotating backward. The drag saves the line from breakage as it releases the line before its breaking strength. It’s a simple rule if you tighten the drag the line is hard to be released while the drag set as loose makes it easier for fish to pull the line.

The general rule for setting the drag is to set it at 15% of the line’s breaking strength i.e. when the line holds a third to half of its weight.

Tightening the drag no doubt makes it difficult for a fish to run farther and cast out more fishing line but the too-tight drag might cause line breakage. Make sure to set before the cast. 

The best spinning reels for bass must comprise of smooth drag system. The maximum weight of the bass the reel can handle is calculated on max drag ratings. This rating is mostly mentioned in the reel’s feature descriptions.

Overall the 12 pounds max drag capacity is usually enough for bass fishing.


The prominent wire on the reel front is “Bail, when it is flipped up, the bail is the fishing line allowed to unwind from the spool, and when it is shut down, the line can’t leave the spool.

Among all the types of reel bail, aluminum-made bait is top recommended. They are durable and last longer. To make sure that your reel lasts longer, make sure to shut off the bail manually.

Reel handle

The reel’s handles play their role in adding comfort to using the reel. You got the right size, weight, and gear ratio, what if the reel handle isn’t good enough? How can it be your best spinning reel for bass?

The knob on the handle must be comfortable to hold, offer a firm grip, and shouldn’t be too smaller in size that it’s difficult to retrieve the line holding them.

Anti-reverse Switch

To make sure the spool doesn’t turn in the opposite/backward direction the anti-reverse switch is made ON. The reel is locked from movement. This helps in placing the lure at the fixed position and also prevents line tangles.

Many anglers do not like the anti-reverse switch, however, it is an unconcluded debate whether they should or shouldn’t be present in the spinning reels.

Other factors influencing the best bass spinning reel performance


Sensitivity is something that your best spinning reel must have either for bass or trout. Sensitivity isn’t only a feature in fishing rods, fishing reels should also be sensitive enough to pick the slightest nibble vibrations transfer from the rod’s tip.

Just like graphite fishing rods are great with sensitivity and picking the fish nibbles and tiniest strikes to lure the graphite reels are also optimal picks for sensitivity to catch bass.


Spinning reels are versatile reels. You can get the best bass spinning reel even under $50. The big brand name and higher prices aren’t always the direct sign of the best reel. Sometimes a cheap reel does wonder that a $1000 worth reel can’t. 

Although some features might be missing in the cheap reels or less line capacities but they might suit exactly certain types of fishing. You can pick many trustworthy spinning reels under $100 from the list.

But make sure that you left a spinning reel that ideally meets your requirements just because they are expensive. Don’t forget the pricey spinning reels are durable and last longer.

Baitcasting Vs Spinning reels: Which is better for bass fishing?

We can’t deny that baitcasting reels are great reels for bass fishing, they cast longer and offer more control over lure speed. When you are fishing with the baitcasters, it feels like we are into some serious fishing, as everything is just right on point. But besides all this, they are difficult to learn it needs a lot of practice to cast tangle free with bait casters. Bait-casting reels are also more expensive than spinning reels and work better with heavy lures.

On the other hand, spinning reels are a versatile option. Whether you are tight with budget, or a beginner desires to target bass with the best reel, searching for an all-rounder option that also suits your fishing locations, spinning reels are always there to serve. They are easy to master and cast longer with lighter lures.

Summing up, it is easier to find the best spinning reel for bass for your best bass rod, than the baitcasting setup at an affordable price.

Learn more about the spinning reels and baitcasting reels for better understanding.

Frequently asked questions


We hope that after a detailed guide to the best spinning reels for bass, you may find the suitable reel. Moreover, we have done our best to differentiate the importance of spinning reels in comparison with baitcasting reels. Now you should know when to use which type of fishing reel.

All the reels listed above are already the best shortlisted and rated on their performance factor. Confidently pick anyone from the list and save your time endless searching. Because finding the best one is always a tough job!

If anglers are budget conscious or have a low budget, there are a variety of budget-friendly spinning reels available on the market. These reels may not have all of the bells and whistles of their higher-priced counterparts, but they still offer reliable performance. Check spinning reels under $100 and reels under $50 to get into fishing without breaking the bank.