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Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

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You may have heard the word “polarized” a lot, especially with sunglasses. The trend is now changing from ordinary sunglasses to polarized ones. These sunglasses not only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays but also reduce the excessive glare from the scene making your target more visible beneath the water. There are many other reasons that you should have one of the best-polarized fishing sunglasses but the most important is it does that your ordinary even expensive sunglasses can’t do.

We already discussed why it’s important to wear sunglasses for fishing but let us discuss why it’s important to wear the polarized sunglasses

  1. Polarized Sunglasses protects from the horizontal sun rays which are harmful to human eyesight.
  2. Reduce glare and picture the view clear and smooth
  3. Reduce glare, especially from horizontal surfaces like water 
  4. Those who drive a lot or spend most of the time by the water should necessarily wear polarized sunglasses
  5. Protect eyes from eye strain
  6. Not only smooths the view but also boosts the colors

*However, we do not recommend wearing polarized sunglasses when driving or fishing at night.  

Top 3 picks for the best polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses
Oakley Men’s Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Plutonite(Polycarbonate) lens
  • Nylon material frames
  • Polarized Lens
  • Available in many different colors lens
Costa Del Mar Men's Santiago Pilot Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Men’s Santiago Pilot Sunglasses
  • 580 Glass Polarized Lens
  • Produced from recycled Fishing nets
  • 63 mm Lens width
  • Available in 3 lens tint
Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses
Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses
  • Mirrored Style Lens
  • Glass Polarized Lenses
  • Nose and Temple pads attached
  • Tapered Lens Technology

What does polarized sunglasses do?

When the sunlight is reflected off the object its bounces in many different directions before it enters our eyes. But in the case of water, snow, and other reflective surfaces the light rather than bouncing in multiple directions directly enters our eyes.

Here polarized sunglasses came to the rescue. These glasses are coated with a special chemical that diminishes the glare and allows vertical rays to pass while blocking the rays bouncing off the horizontal surfaces.

This serves as a protective barrier or filter for the eyes by blocking the light directly reflecting into your eyes. That’s why it is important to have one of the best polarized sunglasses for fishing.

best polarized fishing sunglasses

List of Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

1- Oakley Men’s Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses

best polarized sunglasses for fishing

  • Plutonite(Polycarbonate) lens
  • Nylon material frames
  • Polarized Lens
  • Available in many different colors lens

It’s wise to spend an amount on gear like fishing sunglasses as nothing is more important than your health. Oakley Men’s Split shot just to make sure to provide the best quality shades with the comfort of polycarbonate and clarity level of glass lens uses the Plutonite lens which is especially used in Oakley’s glasses.

These Plutonite lenses are the advanced form of polycarbonate which is more scratch and shatter-resistant. They are perfect fishing sunglasses as their split shot frame design wraps around the eyes giving full protection from rays. No glare will cross from any side of the shades.

They are recommended sunglasses for inshore and offshore fishing because the flexible, sweat and corrosion-resistant nylon composite “Oakley O Matter” frames can bear saltwater bruises and increase comfort by being light in weight.

The Plutonite lens reduces the glare from your view and spots your fish clearer than the naked eye. These polarized lenses bounce back the maximum reflected horizontal reflected rays.

The anglers who are fans of fitted wrap-around sunglasses should definitely consider the Oakley split-shot ones. The only attach points are the nose bridge with comfortable nose pads. These pads not only add comfort but adds a strong grip so your shades wouldn’t slip from their position.

If you are really searching for the best-polarized sunglasses for fishing these are the optimal Choice.

  • Best lightweight option for fishing sunglasses
  • Durable
  • Fits perfectly with hats
  • The price is much higher as compared to other sunglasses, especially for fishing
  • Not unisex

2- Costa Del Mar Men’s Santiago Pilot Sunglasses

best polarized fishing sunglasses for the money

  • 580 Glass Polarized Lens
  • Produced from recycled Fishing nets
  • 63 mm Lens width
  • Available in 3 lens tints
  • Made in USA

One of the well know and trusted brands of fishing sunglasses are Costa Del Mar. What’s special about these is that the frame is the result of recycled fishing nets. They are not only user-friendly but environment-friendly too.

Now you have three lens colors i.e. Copper Green, Grey Blue, and the Sunrise Silver Mirrored Polarized in this quality product. For your bright days of offshore fishing, the Sunrise Silver Mirrored is not recommended. However, for cloudy days and low light conditions, it is an optimal choice. As these silver mirrored lenses let a lot of light in.

No need to worry about the bright light days as Green and Blue Mirrored cuts the glare and is optimal for every fishing location. If you are looking for a lightweight frame and scratch-proof sunglasses then this product with 580g Polarized lenses.

The hooded frame style stops the light from entering from the sides and protects from wind and dirt also. Obviously, fishing isn’t a still activity so your sunglasses should be a gripped one. Santiago makes sure that they wouldn’t slip from the position and also fits on the head.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Perfect for offshore fishing
  • Silver shade mirrors are not for bright light

3- Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses

best polarized fishing sunglasses for large heads

  • Mirrored Style Lens
  • Glass Polarized Lenses
  • Nose and Temple pads attached
  • Tapered Lens Technology

The main reason why we added Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses to the list of best-polarized fishing sunglasses is its all-rounded performance. Those anglers who are rough with their fishing gear should definitely consider these shades.

Although the price is a bit higher but the clarity it offers and after a full day inshore fishing there wasn’t a single scratch on the glass lenses. I may sound exaggerating but it’s true. So quality at this price is fair.

One thing I hate about sports sunglasses is the slippery frames after sweating. I was glad that this issue wasn’t there with these sunglasses. To make sure of this, I tried these shades for a full day out and no eye strain and no slippage. Its Hydroleophobic Coating does it all.

The sunglasses are a perfect fit for dim light days to bright light days as you can select from light color lenses to dark ones. Its wide lenses give full coverage and protect eyes from dirt particles. The reduced glare to see fish beneath the water is just amazing.

  • Perfect for anglers with bighead
  • Wide length lenses
  • Perfect for outdoor games
  • Offers strong grip
  • The price is high and shipping costs add additional cost

4- Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel Lenses Sport Sunglasses

best polarized fishing sunglasses for bright light

  • PolarizedPlus2 lens technology to enhance colors
  • 62 millimeters lens width
  • Improved protection from UV rays
  • Uni sex Sunglasses

Looking for high-quality sunglasses to complete your fishing and daily look? Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel W/Patented Polarizedplus2 Lenses Sport Sunglasses are the optimal choice.

The new Polarizedplus2 lenses feature a slightly different coating to the original lenses, giving it a more natural look, while still maintaining the same quality of UV protection.

Make sure your fishing gear is comfortable and gives you the best possible performance. Its nylon frames are super lightweight and add comfort to all most all outdoor activities. From driving to fishing, these sunglasses can be your ideal partner.

These sunglasses are specially designed for both light cloudy to bright sunny days keeping in view the Islands lights and atmosphere. However, it is not recommended for night use as these are darker shades.

I am a fan of its waterproof and easy swipe features. Many fishing sunglasses suffers from water smudges and grease strains on the lens and frames. This product offers easy swipe cleaning, recommended to use a soft pad. These shades are overall easy to wear and easy to maintain.

You can choose between four different options for lens color. For different activities, you can pick the Hcl Bronze or Neutral grey. They work well in all situations by blocking glare and clearer view.

They are unisex sunglasses and fit on almost every sized face. They are one of the versatile options among the best polarized fishing sunglasses.

  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Lightweight sunglasses with gripped nose pads
  • Also recommended for everyday use
  • Dirt and light can enter from the sides as it is not a tightly fitted frame
  • gravida sociis erat ante eleifend
  • Expensive sunglasses for fishing

5- FAGUMA Polarized Sports Sunglasses

best polarized sunglasses under $50

  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Hard case, Cleaning cloth and test card are all included in the package
  • Polarized lenses Wrap-around style Sports Sunglasses

Most sports people prefer fixed frames, wrap-around styles, and lightweight sunglasses. FAGUMA polarized sunglasses are the best option for blocking glare and are perfect for bass fishing.

These shades are specially designed keeping in view the angler’s requirements. They are so comfortable to wear and both frame and lens are scratch resistant. The nose pads and temple design with silicon pads add additional comfort.

You can easily differentiate between the fish and the rock underwater. By blocking scattered light and presenting a smooth view of horizontal surfaces like water on a bright day without any eye strain.

As these are not wide or big frames and lenses so they can also be used by females although are a men’s product but you can share them with your partner so strict rules are applied.

The polarized sunglasses at this price point are a treat for many anglers. Personally, I also wasn’t expecting this quality of performance but FAGUMA proved me wrong.

Not only this we also have a return or exchange policy within 30 days of purchase. So if the lens color is the right fit for your fishing location you can change it easily.

  • Quality performance within a highly low budget
  • Lightweight Sunglasses
  • Good customer service
  • Durable lens and frame
  • The frame’s color flakes off after multiple uses
  • Tight for big-sized heads

6- KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

best cheap polarized sunglasses for fishing

  • Triacetate lens (5-layered Construction)
  • Available in 9 different options of lens and frame colors
  • UV protectant
  • Uni sex fishing sunglasses
  • Hard case and cleaning pouch included in the package

In every fishing situation, KastKing is always there to rescue anglers. KastKing serves with high-performance fishing gear, high-quality fishing apparel, and also tackle storage.

This time Kast king serves with Skidaway polarized unisex sunglasses at a very reasonable price. If you don’t want to go with expensive glass ones these polycarbonate polarized lenses are the best choice for cheap sunglasses.

Ideally designed for outdoor activities with wide lenses and lightweight structure. These sunglasses fit perfectly when placed on the head and wouldn’t slip. Its frames and lenses will not heat up on hot days of fishing.

Also available in light tints of lenses with the darker ones. So pick one that best suits your Fishing location. You can easily store them in a hard case and place them where ever you want.

Although the lens is scratch resistant but a bit of care is required. Kast king shares a list of dos and don’ts with the description for lens and frame protection. Sharing the headlines don’t swipe your lenses with your fingers or your shirt.

The anglers who are extremely rough with their gear may need to change them after some time due to scratches however with this price you can easily go for a new one. Overall they are the best cheap polarized sunglasses for fishing.

  • Affordable price range
  • Lightweight sunglasses barely feel on the face
  • Wide lens
  • Not a long-lasting sunglasses
  • Maintenance required for lenses
  • Prone to scratches

7- Strike King Plus Hudson Polarized Sunglasses

best fishing sunglasses under $100

  • Plastic lens
  • Polarized lenses
  • Available in four different options
  • Wrap-around style

Again a budget-friendly option added to the list of best-polarized fishing sunglasses. We want to just make sure that the budget shouldn’t be the issue in any way.

Strike King Polarized sunglasses are a great addition to the best cheap polarized fishing sunglasses. Place in the hard case so you can safely place your shades while the durable lens and frames last longer.

I always use these cheap sunglasses as a secondary option to my expensive ones, especially on my trips. Because that scratch on your expensive glasses hits hard than the lost fish catch.

You can enjoy the glare-free view and can actually spot fish underwater with these sunglasses. I strongly agree that it can’t compete with the quality that Costa Del Mar or other expensive shades offer.

These sunglasses are lightweight, and protect your eyes from wind, dirt, and, excessive rays from the sides. You can easily buy multiple pairs in case the current one got scratched you can change.

Overall they are a good option for budget-conscious anglers who still think that sunglasses are an additional or fancy cost to the fishing gear. At last, they also fit with a hat so can complete your look.

  • Cost friendly sunglasses
  • Lightweight sunglasses
  • Durable ones can last longer for many years
  • Prone to scratches
  • Might not fit on smaller sized heads

8- Gatorz Eyewear Delta Sunglasses

best multi-purpose polarized sunglasses

  • Polarized lenses
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Oleophobic Coated lens for grease resistance
  • Hydrophobic coating for scratch resistance
  • Also available in light color frames for foggy weather

It is not necessarily important that only specially designed sunglasses are the optimal choice for fishing and the Gatorz Eyewear is the perfect example of this.

They are designed for outdoor activities but not specifically for fishing. But its wide-width lenses and wrap-around design make them a good option for fishing.

Rather than adding nylon frames to the sunglasses, they use aluminum frames which are lighter in weight, and more durable. So it will be your long-lasting product for all outdoor activities.

With polycarbonate lenses, you are free to use them in any way you want. Although prone to scratches but they are a good secondary option to your expensive glass ones.

It just perfectly fits on the face however recommended to the big-faced anglers. They are ideal glasses for shooting games but I personally like them for fishing as they block side rays so well with their wide structure frame.

  • Its wide frame over full protection from UV rays
  • Ideal for bright light
  • Block Glare
  • Does not fits on small faces
  • The aluminum frame heats up

How to choose the best-polarized sunglasses for Fishing

Polarized sunglasses are selected on basis of many factors. They are of the same importance as any other fishing gear. Anglers’ personal preference is also a major factor too but we can’t neglect the glass material, weight, frame size and level of comfort.

As a general rule of thumb, your fishing sunglasses must be light in weight and should perfectly fit on your face according to your face cut and shape. They should be non-irritating that rather than focusing on your target you are just fixing your shades.

Let’s highlight some general factors that should be in your sunglasses then it will be purely deserving to be called as the best polarized sunglasses, especially for fishing.

Lens Material

You mainly have two main options in lens material

  1. Glass
  2. Polycarbonate (Plastic)

Glass Lens

The main quality of the glass lens is “Scratch Resistant”. They are expensive, and offer more clarity but are less durable and weigh a bit more than plastic ones.

Polycarbonate Lens

Polycarbonate and plastic are often categorized as two separate but they are the same. Polycarbonate is the advanced and latest form of plastic lenses. They are strong, stiff transparent plastic lenses that are cheap in budget and durable but more to scratches.

Tint/ Shade

Modern polarized sunglasses are available in many different tints which becomes difficult for anglers to choose. Generally, brown and grey sunglasses are picked for regular use but in real each color is for each specific location and time of the day and in our day it’s the fishing location and time.

We already discussed the color selection in our best fishing sunglasses buyer’s guide. For more ease, you can follow this guide, hope that helps you

Size of frame

Experts suggest that to sunglasses frame should be bit bigger in size that it through covers your eyes especially from the upper side. The better the coverage, the more sunglasses will be able to protect the eyes from UV rays.

Many other points like frame material or frame style can be considered but do not affect the performance as much. You can check the guide in fishing sunglasses article if you are also concerned about some other factors too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Polarized sunglasses are no doubt more expensive than normal sunglasses but they are worth buying. However, we do not force anyone to buy because it is majorly a matter of personal preference many are still fishing with their regular ones and are satisfied. But it is recommended to add polarized sunglasses to your gear setup. We have also added some budget-friendly options to the list of best-polarized sunglasses so now budget can’t be an excuse.