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Best Ice Fishing Rod Holders

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Picture a scene in your mind that it’s a frozen lake, the crisp winter air nipping at your cheeks, as you are waiting for almost an hour or more for a fish bite. Only ice fishing enthusiasts can truly understand the thrill and patience required for this exciting winter activity. But have you ever found yourself struggling to juggle multiple rods while also keeping an eye on your line? That’s where the unsung hero of ice fishing comes into play—the ice fishing rod holder. So rod holders are an essential tool for your ice fishing rods. Now join us to explore the best ice fishing rod holders to level up your ice fishing experience 

In this guide, we have listed various types of fishing rod holders available in the market and highlighted their features, pros, and cons. From portable and versatile designs to specialized holders that excel in specific situations. So say goodbye to your old ice fishing style i.e. holding the rod for longer hours. These rods holder will provide you with an extra set of “hands” and free up your attention for other critical tasks.

Top 3 Picks for the best ice fishing rod holders

best for panfish
Berkley spiral rod holder, best ice fishing rod holder for panfish
Berkley spiral rod holder
  • Metal Construction
  • Spiral Rod Holder
best for jigging
Mr. Jigger Ice Fishing Rod Holder, best ice fishing rod holder for jigging
Mr. Jigger Ice Fishing Rod Holder
  • Plastic material construction
  • Deck Mount style
  • Specially designed for jigging
Celsius Clamp-on Rod Holder, best ice fishing rod holder for buckets
Celsius Clamp-on Rod Holder
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clamp closure style

List of Best Ice Fishing Rod Holders Reviewed in Detail

1- Berkley spiral rod holder 

best ice fishing rod holder for panfish

Berkley Spiral Rod holder, the best ice fishing rod holder for panfish
  • Metal Construction 
  • Smart Spiral holder design

Berkley is one of the trusty worthy brands for ice fishing gear. Here comes its rod holder. An easy-to-transport spiral holder that fits within your backpack easily to bring to any desired ice fishing location. 

There are many promising features of this holder. First of all, it is its stability, it kept my rod firmly in place even in harsh winter conditions and during aggressive fish strikes. Although the secret key to ensuring stability is inserting the rod holder into the point with no obstructions or cracks. 

Next, these rod holders are quick and easy to set up. Simply use an ice auger to create a hole and now just insert the pointed end of the holder into the hole. This makes it a recommended ice fishing holder for beginners too. 

Its sturdy metal construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of ice fishing and it is a perfect rod holder for smaller ice fishing rods especially when targeting panfish. 

Overall, I highly recommend the Berkley spiral rod holder to fellow ice fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a dependable and user-friendly solution to enhance their ice fishing experience.

  • Easily fits in the backpack
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Cheap rod holder
  • Lacks the adjustable angler feature

2- Mr. Jigger Ice Fishing Rod Holder

best ice fishing rod holder for jigging

Mr. Jigger Ice Fishing Rod Holder, the ice rod holder for jigging
  • Plastic material construction
  • Specially designed for jigging
  • Deck Mount style 

Here is my review for the Mr. Jigger ice fishing rod holder the best option for jigging especially when you are fishing from the ice fishing sleds. 

First of all, its deck mount style and its adjustable settings enable me to fine-tune the angle and position of my rod, optimizing my jigging presentation for various depths and fishing scenarios.

As it’s a technique specific i.e. jigging deck mount rod holder style so its stability feature is unmatched. It ensures that the jigging rod remains secure even during aggressive jigging motions. From panfish to aggressive walleye, perch, or trout, this rod holder has proven to be reliable and effective.

It is a plastic rod holder so free from any rusting issue. Even though it gives a cheap look at first, a friend of mine has been using it for many years. So it’s a long-lasting product and will be your ice fishing partner season after season. As it has the potential to bear extreme weather conditions. 

This plastic rod holder finely performs in moderate to heavy jigging situations and offers perfect control while targeting finicky fish.

Overall, I highly recommend this rod holder to those avid jigging enthusiasts, searching for a lightweight yet durable ice rod holder to elevate their jigging experience on the ice from the sleds.

  • Deck mount style offers the secure attachment to an ice fishing sled
  • Lightweight
  • Being a plastic material holder, it is free from corrosion and rust
  • Good at detecting subtle bites
  • If dropped from a height, it can be cracked or broken
  • It requires more effort to set up and transport compared to other portable rod holders

3- Celsius Clamp-on Rod Holder

best ice fishing rod holder for buckets 

Celsius Clamp-on Rod Holder, best ice fishing rod holder for bucket
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clamp closure style 

If you are an ice angler who mostly does fishing inside the ice fishing shelters, or if you are fed up with mounting style rod holders and searching for an easy and quick rod-holding set up then Celsius Clamp is the perfect choice for you. 

The best part about this rod holder is its clamp closure. You can attach it where ever you want whether it’s an ice fishing sled, ice fishing bucket, or your fishing chair. 

Its sturdy metal construction makes it tough enough to handle extreme weather conditions. It is perfectly stable and holds the rod firmly in different fishing techniques.

Whether I’m targeting walleye, trout, or pike, this rod holder delivers reliability and peace of mind. Another advantage of the Celsius Clamp-on Rod Holder is its portability.

It just simplified my ice-fishing experience. It can be easily removed and repositioned as needed, making it a versatile option for ice anglers who frequently change fishing spots.

Overall, if you are seeking an easy-to-set-up and reliable rod holder for your ice-fishing adventures, make sure to give the Celsius clamp rod holder a chance. As it wouldn’t disturb your budget at all.

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Beginner friendly
  • Durable Construction
  • Budget-friendly rod holder
  • They can dump your rods into the water if you don’t clamp them properly

4- HT Lift n’ Hook Rod Holder 

best folding ice fishing holder 

HT Lift n' Hook Rod Holder, best folding ice fishing holder
  • Scissor Style frame
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Sleeve 

The best part about the ice fishing rod holders is that they are available in various styles. So now if you are looking for the best folding ice fishing rod holder, the HT lift n’ Hook rod holder is the perfect choice. 

Its folding design makes it incredibly convenient and portable. It folds vertically, allowing it to easily transport and store it when not in use.

This type of holder stands next to the ice fishing hole. I particularly appreciate the adjustable angle feature, which allows you to customize the rod’s position based on your fishing technique and preference.

Overall, this rod holder offers consistent performance but for panfish. You can do jigging, dead sticking, or any other ice fishing technique with ultralight rods and enjoy hands-free fishing.

So it’s a recommended holder for a lighter ice fishing setup. 

  • Foldable rod holder easy to transport
  • It is easier to remove poles from this holder
  • Adjustable angle feature
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Not suitable for heavy fish catches

5- TFIIEXFL Bracket Folding Ice Fishing Rod Holder

best durable ice fishing rod holder

TFIIEXFL Fishing Bracket Folding Ice Fishing Rod Holder, the best durable icefishing rodholder to withstand the rigors of ice
  • Stainless steel holder legs
  • Rubber Sleeve
  • Adjustable Height 

Now some heavy-duty and sturdy ice fishing rod holders for some serious ice fishing anglers. 

It’s a triangle folding holder. The tripod legs offer a solid and reliable base, allowing me to focus on detecting bites without worrying about my rod falling over.

The standout feature of this rod is its adjustable height feature. This feature allows positioning the fishing rod at the optimal level for any fishing technique and personal preference.

Its leg’s pointed ends get fixed into the ice firmly and wouldn’t slip or misplace from its position. The rod remains stable throughout the fishing session. 

Next, is its sturdy construction. Its metal construction makes it fully corrosion-resistant and makes it withstand the rigors of ice fishing. 

These tripod stands are although not as lightweight as the other foldable holders, their prominent weight makes them an ideal option against aggressive fish fights. 

So if you want your ice fishing game to the next level of stability and convenience, try this triangle folding rod holder. Even though it is expensive, but a worthy investment.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect stability
  • Long-lasting product
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Convenient to transport and move around as needed
  • Heavier than other rod holders
  • Expensive Option

6- JYSD Adjustable Ice Fishing Rod Tripod Holder

best adjustable ice fishing rod holder 

JYSD Adjustable Ice Fishing Rod Tripod Holder, best adjustable ice fishing rod holder
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rubber Sleeve Design
  • 180-degree angle adjustment
  • Tripod Style

It is also a tripod stand with slight changes in design to the previous one. This one also offers a 180-degree angle adjustment to adjust the rod to your desired position. 

Their durable stainless steel construction and rubber sleeve design is the standout feature. It ensures durability even in harsh winter conditions. This high-quality materials construction gives confidence to ice anglers that it will last for many seasons to come.

Overall, its adjustability, height and angle customization, carrying convenience, and top of all that its stability on icy surfaces make it an essential tool for any ice angler seeking enhanced fishing experiences.

  • Durable construction let it handle the harsh conditions of a frozen lake or pond
  • Height and angle customization option
  • It’s a versatile option suitable for various ice-fishing scenarios and target
  • Expensive
  • Heavier in weight
  • Some larger or specialized rod sizes or styles may not fit securely in the holder

7- SDGH Stainless Steel Fish Rod Holder

best ice fishing rod holder for multiple rods

best holder for multiple rods
  • Stainless steel and Plastic construction
  • Separable parts
  • Foldable design
  • Specially designed for ice fishing rods 

Now if you want to install multiple rods at once in your ice fishing rod holder, this one is perfect for you. 

The standout feature of this rod holder is its ability to install multiple rods on a single holder. This allows you to cast multiple lures and lines at the same time.

Moreover, the adjustable angles and design of the triangle fort bracket tripod stand to allow for efficient use of space and easy organization of fishing rods. This feature is particularly useful for ice anglers who prefer to fish with multiple rods simultaneously. 

You can set your rod angles at different angles and hence optimize your chance of catching more fish. So now fish with confidence by installing multiple rods at one time. Overall, it’s a worth buying product. 

  • Multiple Rod Installation
  • Sturdy durable construction
  • Its stability feature makes the rod holder stay in place even during strong winds or aggressive bites
  • Adjustable Angles and position Features
  • Easy to set up
  • Foldable design
  • It might be difficult for beginner ice anglers to assemble its parts properly

How to choose the best ice fishing rod holders

There are many important factors to consider when buying a holder for an ice rod. It is important to invest in high-quality rod holders that provide stability, durability, and ease of use to enhance your ice fishing experience. Make sure to read that guide carefully to make an informed decision. 

Type of rod holders

First of all, it is utterly important to learn about all the different types of rod holders available in the market. So you can better understand when to choose which type. 

1- Tip-Up Rod Holders

The traditional and typically used rod holder by ice anglers is the Tip-Up rod holder. They work on a simple flag mechanism and its structure comprises a base that sits on the ice and a vertical rod to keep the fishing rod in an upright position This flag mechanism works by raising the flag to signal about the fish bite. If you are up to bigger ice fish catches, I would recommend going with tip-up rod holders. 

2- Bucket Rod Holders

As the name suggests, the bucket rod holders are designed to be attached to a standard 5-gallon ice fishing bucket. They are available in two different styles i.e. clamp or mount. Both styles securely hold the rods however if you are a beginner it is recommended to go with a clamp bucket rod holder as they are more convenient to set up. 

3- Clamp-On Rod Holders 

These rod holders can be clamped onto the edge of an ice hole, shelter frames, sleds, shovels, or any other solid surface. Clamp-on rod holders are also available in multiple types. They can have a long fixed spiral neck to hold an ice rod, its neck can be flexible or rotating and shorter or longer. Clamp-on rod holders are versatile and can be easily adjusted to different angles and positions.

4- Rail Mount Rod Holders

The anglers fishing from inside the shelters use ice fishing sleds or fish from shanties should pick these rail mount rod holders that are specially designed to get attached to the railings of sheds or shanties. They provide a convenient and accessible way to keep your fishing rods secure and within reach. 

5- Multi-Rod Holders

Multi-Rod fishing rod holders are designed to accommodate multiple rods to allow anglers to fish multiple holes or deploy various fishing techniques simultaneously.

Style of ice fishing rod holder

1- Adjustable Rod Holders

As the name suggests, anglers can easily adjust the height or angle of the holder to customize the positioning of their fishing rods. 

2- Horizontal Rod Holders

If you are searching for a suitable rod holder for deadstick fishing, horizontal rod holders that keep the fishing rod in a horizontal position parallel to the ice surface are the perfect option for this fishing technique.

Horizontal rod holders are useful for maintaining a consistent presentation and detecting subtle bites.

3- Fixed Rod holders

These holders are designed to be permanently attached to the ice. They offer excellent stability and are ideal for fishing in a fixed location. 

4- Portable Rod Holders

They are designed to be moved from one hole to another, allowing you to explore different fishing spots. 

5- Collapsible or foldable rod holders

Collapsible rod holders are an excellent choice especially when you have a limited storage space. These style rod holders are to store and transport as they can fit into your backpacks.  


Will your ice fishing rod be durable enough to withstand the rigors of ice fishing conditions? It is decided based on the holder material? 

Ice fishing rod holders are available in multiple materials, these options are

1- Metal

The most durable of all is the metal material. Metal rod holders i.e. stainless steel and aluminum are highly durable and last longer. The stainless steel holders are fully resistant to rust and corrosion while the aluminum ones feature sturdiness. 

Although these metal rod holders are more expensive than other materials, their durability and sturdiness make them a solid investment. 

2- Plastic

Plastic rod holders are relatively lighter in weight, easy to carry, and also come at an affordable price range. Plastic holders are resistant to moisture and do not corrode however, they aren’t highly durable and might face breakage. 

3- Wood

Though less common, many traditional brands and traditional ice anglers still use wooden ice fishing rod holders. However, they may not be as durable or weather-resistant as other materials.

Grip Strength 

The grip strength of an ice fishing rod holder is also important to consider. Ensure that the rod holder has a strong grip to hold your rod securely. 

Also, consider the grip material. Rubber or foam padding on the holder’s contact points can help prevent scratches and provide additional grip.


If your rod holder can’t accommodate your fishing rod then what’s the point of buying it? Make sure to consider the rod length, diameter, and handle design to find the best compatible ice fishing rod holder with your specific type of rod. 

Frequently Asked Questions


All the best ice fishing rod holders featured in this article have been carefully selected to cater to a range of preferences and fishing styles. From spiral to ice, rod stands for specific situations, these tools will undoubtedly elevate your ice fishing game.

Make sure to consider the durability, stability, portability, and adaptability to different fishing scenarios. With the right rod holder, it will be a lot easier for ice anglers to handle multiple rods without sacrificing their comfort and mobility. 

Now after reading the guide, grab your gear, head out to the frozen lakes, and let your trusty rod holder be the catalyst for unforgettable fishing moments. Happy ice fishing!!!