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Best fishing tackle bags-Top picks for 2023

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Not every time is the case that you need a big, bulky backpack for your tackle storage. Many recreational anglers search for medium-sized tackle bags because they don’t rely on tackle boxes because of their plastic bodies. At this point, fishing tackle bags come to the rescue. They are smaller than a backpack but contain plenty of storage space to accommodate multiple tackle trays.

Keeping in view this advanced need of many anglers I have listed some of the best fishing tackle bags of different brands so next time you wouldn’t have to carry your giant backpack to your one-day fishing trip. So pick a moderate-sized, matching exactly with your requirements and location, and your type of fishing so you wouldn’t be frustrated by gear hustle.

Top 3 picks for the best fishing tackle bags

Plano Guide Series 3700 Tackle Bag
Plano Guide Series 3700 Tackle Bag
  • Total 6 Stowaways Included
  • 1680 Denier fabric construction
  • Dropzone Magnetic Top
  • Separate Plastic sealed Mobile Pocket
KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags
KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags
  • 420D rip-stop nylon body
  • Up to 8 tackle trays storage capacity
  • Non-slippery bottom
  • Adjustable dividers for main storage area
Plano Tackle Storage KVD Signature Series
Plano Tackle Storage KVD Signature Series
  • Hard top and bottom
  • 4 tackle trays included
  • Elastic bungee for storing trays on top
  • Available in 3 different colors

A quick review on different tackle storage Options

Fishing Tackle Box

  • Available as both hard and soft body
  • Contains small separate sections or compartments
  • More organized than tackle bags
  • Covers less space
  • Available as hand carry boxes
  • Plastic body tackle boxes have greater breaking risks
  • Less expensive than other fishing backpacks or bags
  • Hard tackle boxes are highly waterproof
  • Slide in and out style sections
  • Less UV protectant as the body’s color will be affected
  • Available in multiple sizes

Check out the list of the best fishing tackle boxes

Fishing Tackle Bacpacks

  • Comes as a soft body bag where durable fabric is used for the purpose
  • These are large, bulky bags, with plenty of storage spaces that can accommodate not only fishing gear but different trip essentials too
  • Contains multiple-sized zipped pockets and sections for maintained storage
  • Fishing backpacks have padded shoulder straps that make them easy to carry
  • You are free to pack any sized-gear
  • Soft body fishing backpacks are safe from falling breakage
  • Backpacks aren’t a good option for kayak fishing
  • They have multiple types of straps so they serve as worry less hands-free option
  • They can also serve as general purpose backpacks and aren’t just bound with fishing only

Check out the list of the best fishing backpacks and backpacks with rod holders.

Fishing Tackle Bags

  • Comes as soft body bags
  • Covers less space than backpacks
  • Also suitable for kayak fishing
  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • Can also be used as an everyday use bag
  • Long and short straps
  • Preferred over Tackle boxes
  • Can easily store tackle trays plus fishing gear
  • Less waterproof due to fabric body however have sealed inner sections for storing valuable items like mobile and valet
  • Have two types of straps long and short, both hands-free and holding in hands options are available

best fishing tackle bags 2023

1- Plano Guide Series 3700 Tackle Bag

best tackle bag overall

  • 1680 Denier fabric construction
  • Dropzone Magnetic Top
  • Separate Plastic sealed Mobile Pocket
  • Total 6 Stowaways Included
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • One year warranty

When it comes to tackle storage Plano series is one of the most durable options to adopt. Even their soft body tackle bags are stiff and last longer. Now, what’s special about the guide series? This is because one of the toughest fabrics which is highly abrasion resistant, withstands sharp objects, is water resistant, and even its color wouldn’t be affected by direct sun exposure.

You may think that I am exaggerating its features but it’s actually the best fishing tackle bag I have used. Each contains small and bigger sections for each and every gear. It has a rod holder/pocket which is normally not available with regular tackle bags. It offers easy access to every tackle placed inside, even a separate mobile protectant waterproof pocket is also there inside.

For more advanced storage especially the smaller items or the valuable ones, you can also adopt MOLLE systems as special MOLLE attachments are also made possible in this bag.

Do you know the best, you can wear it like a backpack on your shoulders so it’s a two-in-one package. It may be a bit heavier than other tackle bags but due to its toughness, it’s a perfect match for all of your outdoor activities, especially fishing. You can safely place your fishing knives or other sharp objects in this bag.

A unique feature that is introduced by the Plano Guide series is the magnetic drop zone that will hold your lures and other tools just make sure not to place any magnetically sensitive items. Moreover, due to its molded rubber pads, it wouldn’t slip on the kayak.

If you don’t want the expensive bag, then cheaper options are also available in smaller sized bags of the same series.

  • Tough and durable
  • It contains a rod holder
  • Can bear wear and tear
  • Offers enough storage space for long day trips
  • Expensive bag
  • Heavier in wait as compared to other fishing tackle bags

2- KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags

best large size fishing tackle bag

best large size fishing tackle bag
  • 420D rip-stop nylon body
  • Up to 8 tackle trays storage capacity
  • Top and side mesh pockets
  • Separate Plier Holders
  • Non-slippery bottom
  • Adjustable dividers for main storage area

Good news for Kast king fans is that the brand along with incredible fishing rods, reels, and lines also offers durable tackle storage products. Kast King Fishing Tackle bag is made using one of the strongest nylon fabrics i.e. 420D rip-stop nylon. The bag is exactly designed keeping in view the fishing tackle storage requirements. However, its main compartment has the tendency to store about 8 to 11 3600 sizes tackle trays horizontally.

This isn’t all, plenty of front and side pockets out of which some pockets have internal dividers or sections for more maintained storage. The main concern about using fishing bags is whether they are waterproof or not. Kast king just made sure not to disappoint its users. However, using the special “Hydrophobic coating” for external protection and for the inner side PVC layer is present to protect gear from the water. An internal sealed plastic pocket is there for tech and license storage.

The bag is perfectly designed to make access easier to every tackle. Separate sections and holders for pliers, lines, and all other necessary required tools, so you wouldn’t have to sacrifice the upgraded collection of your best saltwater spinning fishing reels or line spools. Its long gripped shoulder strap and padded shorter one enhance the usability as the user isn’t bounded to only one option.

  • Offers plenty of storage capacity
  • Roundabout 17 to 20 pockets are available
  • Zippers wouldn’t be affected by rust
  • Tackle trays aren’t included with the bag

3- Plano Tackle Storage KVD Signature Series

best hard bottom tackle bag

best hard bottom tackle bag
  • Hard top and bottom
  • 4 tackle trays included
  • Elastic bungee for storing trays on top
  • Available in 3 different colors

Plano Tackle Storage KVD signature series is one of those tackle bags that are highly waterproof because of its hard molded top and hard base with rubber feet. One of the main drawbacks of using soft body bags is that as the sides aren’t fragile they can’t stand alone straight without tackle trays or other stuff. But this one is free from this issue also because of its hardcore top and bottom.

The unique elastic bungee style not only adds versatility but also increases its storage capacity as up to 2 tackle trays can be fixed on top of the bag. Plano also offers 5 tackle trays with the bag package. The bag’s description states that the main section can store 4 tackle trays but in reality, all your 5 trays 3700 series can be fixed easily.

Fulfilling all the dedicated angler’s requirements with its storage capacity, multiple pockets, plier holders, and perfect size made it also a good option for kayak fishing as it can be placed under the seat with sit-on-top kayaks.

The only drawback I found is the lack of padded handles as only the padded shoulder strap is the option but this issue can be fixed by modifying your long strap into a shorter one. Overall, it is one durable option and will last longer.

  • It is a versatile bag suitable for different outdoor activities
  • Durable enough
  • Plenty of tackle trays can fit
  • The side pockets are a bit congested, some room for improvement is required there

4- Spiderwire Orb Spider Fishing Tackle Bag

best budget-friendly tackle bag

best budget-friendly tackle bag
  • Polyester Material
  • 2 tackle boxes included
  • Shoulder strap
  • Removable Tool Holster
  • Zipper Closure
  • 2 years warranty

Spiderwire Orb tackle bag is one of the best budget-friendly options for those who don’t want to spend much on tackle storage or others who still think that buying an expensive bag is a fancy thing, not a requirement.

Spiderwire Orb bags can store up to 2 medium-sized tackle trays in its main storage area that’s why they are a good option for your nearby lake fishing or your one-day fishing. It can also serve to store your extra gear for a long trip. It’s a medium-sized bag with external zipper pockets. Removable plier holders and long and short straps all are included with the bag.

It’s a polyester material bag, durable and strong but not highly water resilient. But the good part about this bag it is lightweight and offers a great amount of storage space and accommodates plenty of your stuff. Overall an easy-to-carry bag for your weekend fishing.

  • Medium-sized bag with plenty of storage space
  • The bag has a lightweight body
  • Not suitable for extended trips
  • Not a waterproof bag

5- Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

best fishing tackle bag for the money

  • Polyester Material construction
  • Overall 4 different sections
  • Zipper Closure
  • Sunglass holder on the front side
  • Can store 8 large-sized tackle trays

One more budget-friendly option with enough storage capacity. Okeechobee comes in a very compact size and has decent looks. To main its stand-up posture the plastic rubber back is used which also adds protection to the gear. Overall the bag is divided into four separate sections the main one which can store 8 tackle trays which are also included in the package, the right pocket, the left one, and the front pocket. So easily pack a large list of gears in it.

A quite decent option as 8 tackle trays depicts a ton of storage capacity. It stores more than your expectations. That is not all, the sunglasses holder is also there right on the front side, and multiple plier holders are on the front pocket. The zippers attached work fairly fine. The only drawback we found is the bottom part which can be improved by placing the same hard plastic rubber as in the back. Overall it’s a good option for longer trips if you don’t want to buy expensive ones but are not suitable for kayak fishing.

  • One of the inexpensive option in the list of best fishing tackle bags
  • Hard core Sunglasses holder
  • The bottom side needs improvement

6- Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag

best Waterproof Fishing Tackle bag

  • Available in two styles
  • Blade bag/ Worm Bag
  • Internal plastic zipper pockets
  • Specially designed for longer baits
  • Hand carry style
  • Zipper closure

Still not everyone is a fan of wide fishing tackle bags and still wandering for the smarter options. This bag is designed for tackle box lovers, it is as flat as a tackle tray but easier to carry than a box and more durable than the plastic ones.

Plano guide series introduced two different styles the blade bag and the worm bag style. They have the same features as the previous one except for the storage capacity. It is actually designed for the spinner-baits and large baits but it is more suitable for worm baits as it is a task to adjust these long baits into small compartments of tackle trays.

You can also use this bag with your large-sized Plano guide series bag as additional storage or as a go-to option for your nearby lake. Its inner side has plenty of long plastic zipped pockets in a horizontal position plus one more pocket with the inner wall of the lid. This style resembles the sketchbook and its pages in a portrait position.

The bag is sturdy, and highly waterproof so it can also be used to place your valuable items like your mobile, money, or your fishing license on your trip if you want to keep them separate from your gear.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Flat, slim tackle bag
  • Suitable for fishing at the nearby location
  • Due to plastic pockets, it’s highly waterproof
  • This size doesn’t fits to attach with other bigger-sized Plano guide series tackle bags

7- YVLEEN Sling Fishing Tackle Bag

best allrounder tackle bag

  • 1000D Nylon fabric
  • Adjustable and removable straps
  • Waist strap added
  • Multipurpose Bag
  • Rod holding band is also attached

There should be versatility in fishing tackle bag styles. That’s why I added the YVLEEN Sling style tackle bag to the list which can also be transformed waist bag style. Pick the style you are more convenient with. The 1000d nylon fabric which is well known for its strength makes this one also a tough and durable bag to bear outdoor wear and tear conditions.

This smaller package is filled with storage sections. It can store 2 3600-size tackle trays and much other fishing stuff with plenty of internal, front, and side zipper pockets. The main section can also be further divided using a divider.

Personally, I am quite impressed by the bag’s technical features as all consideration points are covered in this bag. From water resiliency to the durability it’s just incredible. At the external bottom part, wear pads are placed to save from getting wet, and on top of all pads are fully gripped so wouldn’t be slipped from their position which also makes this bag a good option to bring on the kayak and due to the waist strap, it offers quick access to your lures for your standup fishing.

There is also a rod holder and water bottle holder and on the shoulder strap, you can hook your small objects. So it is a perfect package not just for it can also be camping, hiking, biking, boating even a regular traveling bag.

  • Can be easily used for each type of outdoor activity
  • The best option for kayak fishing
  • Allows quick access to the lures
  • No quality or performance drawback found yet

8- Piscifun Fishing Tackle Box Bag

best multi-functional tackle bag

  • 1000d nylon Fabric construction
  • Removable box
  • Can store 3 3600 tackle trays
  • Adjustable long strap
  • Can be transformed to sling and backpack style
  • Two rod holders

Following the trend of portable gadgets, Piscifun launched this unique style of tackle bag where a separate detachable box is placed on the top. Each of its tackle storage series contains plenty of pockets ranging from smaller ones even for swivels to large compartments to store plenty of different items like tools, first aid essentials, and all other tour items.

Piscifun Tackle Bag is a great way to store your tackle while you’re on the water. It has a roomy interior and durable material of 1000D nylon Fabric is used for bag construction. It’s also easy to carry and makes it easy to reach your fishing supplies. Because of it’s adjustable straps it is an all-rounder bag , within a minute you can transform it from shoulder bag to backpack and from backpack to waist bag.

Rod holders are there on both sides so you can easliy carry your best spinning or baitcasting fishing rods in addition to this it can store three tackle trays of 3600 size. Multi-purpose X-type elastic ropes are placed on the detachable box’s lid to hang and hold your different smaller objects.

There are plenty of different features which precisely indicated that the Piscifun tackle bag is a wiser option to adopt for your different tours. It’s tough and durable and has the capacity to withstand abrasion. Go for it if you are in search of the best durable fishing tackle bag.

  • Hidden Anti-theft pocket for advanced protection of mobile and wallet
  • Plenty of separate sections and pockets
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • It may be heavier for some users

What are the qualities of the best fishing tackle bag?

The good news for recreational anglers is that you don’t have to read tons of buyer’s guides, gather information about your target specie, or read technical things like rod power, action, line pound test, and much more.

In short, buying or selecting a fishing tackle bag is as easy as your regular shopping. You are free from buying a specific type of tackle bag for a specific type of fish. All you need to know is how much gear you want to bring to your fishing location and pick a suitable one.

It’s a 2:2 between personal preference and other points of consideration like durability, no of straps, size, style, and protection from the Sun and water. It’s a tie between the angler’s choice and bag features. Because what if an angler is still a fan of his old fishing backpack or tackle box then a bag can’t get the title of the best fishing tackle bag. By the way, you can also check the buyer guides for the fishing backpacks and the same is the case for fishing tackle boxes if you are also interested in these two.

However, for your convenience and helping you in your bag selection I have short listed some points that should be in a fishing tackle bag for the best.


Fishing is an outdoor activity which are never smooth and easy. All gear should have the stamina to bear the wear and tear of outdoor tours. Your fishing tackle bag must have a strong fabric that wouldn’t tear easily.


Your best fishing tackle bag will be the one that will serve you in different outdoor activities. It should be adjustable in various scenarios.

No of straps/ style of straps

It is highly recommended that your tackle bag should have a short as well as a long strap because you couldn’t hold it for a long time in your hands, a long shoulder strap just makes everything fine.

Today different styles of straps like slings are also available you can also check these types which are also included in the list of best backpacks for fishing for handsome storage capacity.


Your fishing bag shouldn’t be so big that you have to make special amendments for fixing it in your car or on your kayak. Although tackle bags are already medium-sized and that’s the best part of these tackle bags. But try to avoid selecting the big bulky giants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thoughts

Tackle storage options have evolved and revolutionized through many years, from simple hand-made wooden boxes to modern and advanced fishing tackle boxes and bags. Fishing tackle bags are pretty much a good option. My personal favorite is , it offers me plenty of space for storing plenty of my fishing gear. You can also pick with confident one of the bags mentioned above as they all are the top picks. Must share your best fishing tackle bag name and the reason. We will love to hear your suggestions.