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Best Fishing Shirts 2023

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Fishing apparels are as important as fishing gears. Where fishing gears help you catch a fish, fishing apparels protect you from the harsh rays of the sun in many different ways. Fishing is a relaxing hobby and it becomes more enjoyable when you are in a comfortable dress. Although you can also wear your simple T-shirt but those one aren’t UV protectants. Shirts designed for fishing are comfortable which allows angler’s motion in all directions, and are specially designed for different weathers conditions. Let’s explore some of the best fishing shirts for this fishing season.

Selecting a shirt for fishing depend on many factors like the angler’s body, weather requirements, shirt style preference and weather conditions. Modern anglers prefer wearing fishing shirts rather than regular ones. So where they have their best fishing gears they are also conscious about their fishing apparels. Being available in the huge varierty you can select according to your personal preference. To help you in this regard I have listed some of the best fishing shirts which will make your fishing season cool and comfortable. You can also go for fishing waders for fly fishing if interested!!!

Make sure to complete your fishing look with a perfect fishing hat and the best fishing shoes after shirt selection.

Top 3 Picks for the Best Fishing shirts

Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle UPF 50 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt
Columbia Men’s PFG Terminal Tackle UPF 50 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt
  • 100% polyester
  • UPF 50
  • Quick wicking fabric
  • Classic fittings
Vapor Apparel Men's Outdoor UPF 50+ Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Vapor Apparel Men’s Outdoor UPF 50+ Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Microfiber Polyester shirt
  • UV protectant
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended
  • Available in 8 sizes
HUK Tide Point Long Sleeve Shirt
HUK Tide Point Long Sleeve Shirt Performance Button Down
  • Polyester shirt
  • Button-down design
  • Built-in microfiber sunglass wipe
  • Laser perforated underarms and back

List of Best Fishing Shirts Reviewed in Detail

best long sleeve fishing shirt

best fishing shirts
  • 100% Polyester
  • UPF 50
  • Quick wicking fabric
  • Classic fittings

Columbia fishing clothes are very popular in the fishing community they have been serving quality Products for a long time. Many people just buy the product under the name of Columbia.

Columbia Men’s PFG Terminal Tackle is just another quality fishing shirt with all the necessary qualities a fishing shirt should have. It is UV protectant and with moisture-wicking fabric, it absorbs sweat from your body and dries up quickly.

The availability of 18 different sizes represents the versatility of this product, it is available for every user and expels the excuse of size availability, and use the size chart for exact measurements. In my case, I ordered one size smaller than my actual size, and its fits perfectly so I think they are larger than normal sizes.

The classic fit style of the shirt is applauded by its users as this style offers more space at the shoulders. In short, Columbia T-shirts are comfortable to wear thanks to their lightweight and breathable fabric and style. These full sleeve fishing shirts are perfect for both summer and winter fishing.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Keep anglers cool and dry
  • The size of the sleeves is larger than normal

best multipurpose fishing shirt

best fishing shirts
  • Microfiber Polyester shirt
  • UV protectant
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended
  • Available in 8 sizes

A multipurpose shirt that also serves as a regular wear shirt. The 100% microfiber polyester fabric makes this shirt lightweight and shape-retaining. This fabric also protects from UV rays and most importantly attested by the Skincare cancer foundation so if they use the word UV sun protection in their tagline the company also means it. So people with sensitive skin can use Vapor Apparel for their daily use also. They are one of the best UV protectant fishing shirts.

The shirt is perfect for professional anglers and also for those who are conscious about the fittings and looks. It is available in 8 different sizes and twenty-six different shades, Man!!! Such a huge variety. So grab the size that perfectly fits you and selects a color that best suits you. One important thing, the UV protection also depends on the color of the clothes so choose a color wisely.

One thing I like most about the shirt is no special maintenance is required no use of fabric softener and other fancy things just simple hand wash and machine wash is all you have to do. The users like me who barely even knows about “m” of maintenance are perfect users for this shirt. The color retaining property provoked me to use the shirt as I want.

The multipurpose shirt works well in both the winter and summer seasons. Its odor-less and moisture-wicking technology and breathable quality make it best to use in summers and also fits for the cold weather when it is too cold to wear a half sleeve shirt.

The size chart available with the product images adds more ease to buy the shirt. So give Vapor Apparel a confident try it will let you down.

  • Perfect for both seasons
  • Easy wash
  • Multi-purpose shirt
  • Comfortable Fittings
  • The light-colored shirts retain the stains

best performance fishing shirt

  • Polyester shirt
  • Button-down design
  • UPF 30+
  • Laser perforated underarms and back
  • Built-in microfiber sunglass wipe

If you are tired of basic Tees and interested in some professional looks in your fishing closet HUK Tide Button Down shirt best suits your search. HUK tide long sleeve shirts come with a very decent and formal design. The button-down design makes it to wear occasionally as well as for game fishing.

Although they resemble the dress shirts with proper collars and cuffs they are so comfortable to wear and you can adopt any fishing style you want without any hassle.

Many worth mentioning qualities of this shirt attract my attention towards it. Its quick-drying fabric wouldn’t let you wet with sweat whereas the laser perforated underarms and back help in ventilation perfect for the hot fishing day.

Moreover, the built-in microfiber sunglass wipe to clean your fishing sunglasses will save them from scratches rather than using any harsh fabric.

It is available in 10 different colors with six different sizes ranging from small to 3XL a good alternative to expensive fishing shirts.

You might wonder whether it is a UV protectant or not so not be worried about that with all the extraordinary features, the HUK tide long sleeve performance button-down shirt provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used formally and casually
  • Machine wash
  • Doesn’t shrinks after wash
  • The sleeve length may be shorter for some users

Best fishing shirt for the money

best long sleeve fishing shirts
  • 100% Polyester interlock Jersey
  • Rapid Dry fabric
  • UPF 50+
  • Available in seven different sizes
  • Odor Control

Hanes long sleeve Cool Dri T-shirt is a comfortable and lightweight fishing shirt that comes with jersey and polyester fabric which adds elasticity and breathability to the shirt perfectly serves as summer material. Jersey material shirt also serves well as base shirts so you can also use them in winters under any hoody.

The UPF 50+ protection from harmful sun rays saves your skin from harmful sun rays and other skin issues if you have sensitive skin.

These are soft and comfortable shirts and with Cool Dri quality, it keeps it user cool, dry, easy, and fresh throughout the day.

Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve shirts are plain simple shirts available in ten different colors so you can buy a plain shirt and design it, print different patterns on it and make this simple shirt into a cool stylish shirt or you can simply go for the plain one as it has its own charm.

The size chart available on Hanes product page with such a wide description of sizes from chest to hips makes it easy to buy online.

  • Lightweight shirt
  • Perfect for summers
  • Sizes are larger than typical
  • Lacks durability due to jersey fabric

best fishing shirt for hot weather

  • 16 % spandex adds stretch ability
  • UPF 50+
  • Mesh back and under sleeves
  • Multi-purpose shirt
  • Available in 19 colors

Another multi-purpose shirt for fishing, hiking, and also casual wear but this one comes with a unique feature of mesh back and under sleeve which works well for ventilation adds breathability, and keeps anglers dry and cool under severe hot weather.

I personally really enjoyed that mesh feature it keeps me cool throughout the day on the spring-Fed River in Florida. 

Wearing this shirt your body is fully covered from the neck to the sleeves and with UPF 50+ protection you are safe from damaging rays of the sun.

The 16% spandex fabric used with polyester adds stretching power to the shirt so anglers can easily adopt any fishing technique with easy movements at any possible angle.

This BASSDASH t-shirt is available in nineteen different colors including light and cool colors as they are heat resistant as compared to the dark colors.

The product is popular among its user due to the fittings available in different sizes many users get satisfied when the ordered shirt perfectly fits them. This makes it worth adding to the list of best fishing shirts 2022.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for summer
  • Stains on light colors become prominent

best fishing shirt for men and women

  • Unisex shirt
  • UV protectant
  • Full sleeves
  • Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Stylish looks

Only the covered parts of your body are protected by the UV rays so it is always a good option to wear a full sleeve shirt on the day out for fishing. Southern Fin Apparel Fishing shirt is a perfect package of comfort, UV protection, and different weather requirements without compromising the quality and cool looks.

The main part of any clothing is the fabric used and the 100% microfiber makes this shirt perfect for any season and also adds breathability to the shirt. So bring it to your summer pond water fishing or an ice fishing trip with all in comfort.

A fishing shirt is worthless if it doesn’t serve as a UV protectant, this shirt with UPF 50 protects your skin from serious skin issues caused by UV rays, and due to the full sleeve, your whole upper body parts are protected. Moreover, it is also recommended by the Skin cancer Foundation.

The shirt is unisex, it is designed with loose fittings so anyone from any gender can easily pick this shirt. The easy fittings, lightweight fabric, and easy washing qualities make this shirt a good addition to your fishing closet and perfect pick for your next fshing trip.

Along with high performance, Southern Fin apparel doesn’t compromise on the design of the shirt, it is available in 5 different colors and ten different fish patterns on the back side of the shirt which gives it a very stylish look and due to dye sublimation printing the pattern doesn’t fade with time.

  • Suitable for both winter and summers
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Some users want its fabric thicker

best short sleeve fishing shirt

  • 100% Polyester
  • UPF 40
  • Rod handler loop on front side
  • Button Down style
  • Quick dry fabric

You might have thought that the fishing shirts are only available with long sleeves, don’t be disappointed there is a vast range of best fishing shirts with shorter sleeves.

Columbia Men’s PFG Tamiami shirt is a quality product with UV protectant and Wicking properties that keeps you cool and safe on your fishing day.

The style of the shirt gives an elegant look wearing it. It has two chest pockets, the pocket style is different from regular shirts it contains double pockets one large and one smaller on the main pocket and a rod holder that keeps your hands free and you can easily change your lure or leader. Many people use it to hang their sunglasses or many other things.

To use it as a rod handler put the rod butt on the ground and the handler loop around the rod. A multi-purpose shirt with all levels of comfort provided to its users.

The wicking property absorbs sweat from the skin and evaporates quickly. The mesh inside the shirt and the pockets increases air flow and maintains ventilation.

The shirt will lasts longer and will serve as your fishing clothing for several seasons.

  • Comfortable style
  • Long lasting shirt
  • The fabric needs proper iron

best stretchable fishing shirt

  • Jersey fabric
  • Stretchable shirt
  • Size chart available with sleeve and body length
  • Unique Gradient dyeing Treatment
  • Upf 30+

This jersey material long sleeve shirt by the well-known Piscifun brand.

The fabric used made this shirt stretchable allowing easy moves for the anglers. The shirt is so breathable that even with a neck cover style and full sleeves it is still a good option for a hot fishing day. The mesh used inside the surface of the shirt increases the airflow and keeps the angler cool and fresh.

The colors of the shirt are protected from fading by using the unique dyeing material which protects the colors from sunlight and after-wash effects.

It is available in two colors one with a combination of red and black while the other one with blue and white. Moreover available in six different sizes from small to 3XL. The size chart is also available there. One thing I really appreciate about the size chart, is the description of the sleeve and body length. Now pick the shirt that perfectly fits your body.

  • High performance shirt
  • Attractive colors
  • Full upper body coverage
  • Shirt shrinks when dryer is used

What to look in the best fishing Shirst!!

Honestly speaking for me to look in a fishing shirt is comfort and secondly sun protection because a shirt becomes a fishing shirt when it has both of these qualities. Among them, there is a list of other points to consider when buying a fishing shirt.


Fishing is a relaxing hobby and obviously, you will prefer wearing your most comfortable one. When buying the fishing shirt, the fabric must be soft, lightweight, and stretchable. If your shirt is stretchable it will allow you to move in any direction easily as fishing is all about moving arms in different directions. Although many other factors also add comfort like the style of the shirt either its button-down style or a basic T-shirt but these factors depend upon the personal preferences.

UV protection

A very important factor among fishing shirts is the protection from harmful rays of the sun. These rays are that much damaging that they cause many skin issues even skin cancer. Fishing is not just a few minutes game, it takes your whole day in search of a catch, and spending a whole day in direct sunlight must need some sort of protection.

Fishing shirts are available with different UPF ratings, I will recommend going with the highest UPF rating.

Quick Dry Fabric

A fishing shirt’s fabric must have the quality of quick drying. An angler sweats a lot, the shirt should quickly absorb the sweat from the skin and should also evaporates quickly to keep angler dry and cool. Many brands now use mesh inside the shirts to increase air flow which also dries the shirt quickly.


Normally two fitting styles are adopted the classic one and narrow style. I will recommend choosing the classic style as these shirts are neither too loose nor too tight and let your arms move around easily.


Different materials are used for fishing shirts commonly cotton, polyester, and nylon are used. It highly depends on the fishing location. A thick fabric shirt isn’t suitable for lake water fishing same in the case simple cotton shirts aren’t suitable for kayak fishing. The detail of each shirt material is mentioned above so pick a suitable shirt according to your fishing location. I will recommend buying a simple cotton shirt for a pond or lake water fishing and for surfing buy a polyester one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a fishing shirt different from a regular T-shirt?

The most common difference between them is fishing shirts are specially made UV protectants. They are made strong enough to protect the skin from damaging sun rays.

Why do I need a fishing shirt?

Because you need to protect yourself from the sun.

Why fishing shirts are popular?

They are popular because they have some special qualities that regular ones don’t have. They absorb moisture from the skin, dry quickly, keep the angler dry, and maintain ventilation.

How to use a rod holder on a fishing shirt?

Place the rod’s butt on the floor and the rod holder loop around the rod eyelets area.

What is columbia PFG?

Columbia PFG stands for Columbia Professional Fishing gear. These gear keep the angler cool and comfortable when fishing along with UV protection.


Still many people believe that fishing shirts are fancy and unnecessary thing to buy but fishing shirts are same important as fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing lines. I personally prefer having fishing shirts and today a vast range of shirts with different affordable prices are available so no budget disturbance. Must try one of the above-mentioned shirts as they are declared the best fishing shirt after detailed research and reviews. Make sure to

Still many people believe that fishing shirts are fancy and unnecessary thing to buy but fishing shirts are same important as fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing lines. I personally prefer having fishing shirts and today a vast range of shirts with different affordable prices are available so no budget disturbance. Must try one of the above-mentioned shirts as they are declared the best fishing shirt after detailed research and reviews.