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Best fishing backpacks 2023

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Let’s plan a fishing trip, pack your fishing gears and let’s move. Wait!!! You are still using your old backpack for fishing. Gone are the days when simple single-section bags were used in which you overload your things and a mess is created. Today fishing backpacks play an essential role in the fishing tour. These bags have different sections, each section for each specific object e.g. separate sections for fly boxes, rod holders, spool space, and even separate sections for your sunglasses. What an organized life you will have. Each backpack listed below is one of the best fishing backpacks with its own excellent features.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a backpack on this list that will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. So sit back, relax, and read on to discover the perfect fishing backpack for your next adventure on the water. Moreover, you can also check the list of backpacks with rod holders which we covered separately.

Top 3 picks of best fishing backpacks 2023

5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment
5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0
  • 16 individual compartments
  • Hidden Conceal Carry weapon pouch
  • Separate laptop section
  • 3 different straps
  • 1050D Nylon Fabric
River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack
River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack
  • Integrated Led Light system
  • Large storage space
  • Six external pockets
  • Comes with tackle boxes
  • Protected Rain cover
Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack
Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Multifunctional bag
  • Available in six colors
  • Multiple pockets and sub pockets

List of Best fishing backpacks

best budget-friendly fishing backpack

  • 16 individual compartments
  • Hidden Conceal Carry weapon pouch
  • Separate laptop section
  • 3 different straps
  • 1050D Nylon Fabric

The backpack gives a very organized and well-packed look. It comes in a relatively larger size than Piscifun.

Again a multi-purpose backpack that can be used as a fishing backpack, and also for daily use backpack. 

The bag accommodates plenty of fishing gear along with different basic necessities for a fishing trip like to obvious that how a bag with 16 compartments cannot do this. The backpack also contains a laptop section so you can also bring your techs with you. The main storage area has plenty of room available where your fishing lures, lines, and reels can fit along with your clothes.

The sunglasses pouch is also available with this backpack and a CCW (Concealed carry weapon) compartment so bring your safety weapons with you or simply you can use it to hide chocolates you don’t want to share with your companions (Just joking don’t try this at home).

Coming to the backpack’s construction properties it comes with 1050D nylon which is a durable, tough, and water-resistant fabric. So use it, abuse it this will be your travel buddy for a long time.

The backpack contains 3 different straps shoulder straps, MOLLE straps, and chest straps. It doesn’t have waist straps but has attachment points so you can attach one if you need.

One thing that I miss in this backpack is the side pocket for the water bottle as it becomes convenient to access it but that does matter too much as you can use the main storage area for it or a front bottom side external pocket.

The backpack is available in 4 different colors with a 24-liter size capacity. Due to its durability, it can also be used as army backpacks. All of it qualities raises its vote to be delcared as one the best fishing backpacks.

  • Thoughtful design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • No side pocket for holding a water bottle

best fishing backpack for storage

  • Integrated Led Light system
  • Large storage space
  • Six external pockets
  • Two sectioned main storage area
  • Comes with tackle boxes
  • Protected Rain cover

Have you seen a backpack with built-in battery-operated LED lights??

The River Tackle Tek Nomad backpack comes with this unique feature which makes anglers fish even in dark. This well-organized backpack contains many different pockets and holders for your fishing gears and allows you to bring plenty of extra line spools and other extra safety gears with you.

The main storage area is divided into two upper and lower compartments where the lower tray section can accommodate 4 medium-sized trays so you can pack plenty of baits for different species. While the upper one can be used to store your reels, spools and other things you want to add.

Each pocket is attached to store different things so there will be no mess and easy access to every tackle is possible. You cn place your sharp objects like fishing knives or other same stuff in separate pockets for safety. Separate section for sunglasses.

There is a removable plier holder, so if you want your pliers hanging outside you can use it otherwise the side pockets with an external mesh cover or front bottom pocket which also provides a handy work surface can be used to store your pliers. In short, this bag comes with plenty of space with plenty of sections option. 

It is suitable for the long-period trip or for anglers who want to bring with them extra gears if their main gears fail or they require extra line or line twists occurs everything can happen on a trip so using River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack you are safe from this risk. 

One more feature associated with River Tackle Tek Nomad is its rain cover protecting your gears from water. Here a little safety measure is required, wrap your bag with a rain cover that comes along with the backpack.  Again backpack serves as a saver from an unusual situation.

  • Accommodates plenty of objects
  • Organize gears well
  • Led lights allow fishing in the dark
  • Expensive backpack

best fishing backpack 2022

  • Adjustable straps
  • Detachable straps
  • Multifunctional bag
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets with sub pockets
  • Available in six colors
  • Comes in two sizes

Piscifun fishing backpack is a medium-sized versatile backpack, basically a sling shoulder backpack, and can also be used as a chest bag, traveling bag, handbag, or as you like to use.

Although it is smaller in size but serves as the best fishing backpack for your fishing tour. It contains three external pockets with one main pocket. Each pocket safely holds your things. Left pocket for water bottle, right bottle for different small-sized things or fishing pliers.

On the front side, the small rectangle-shaped zipped pocket serves as your sunglasses holder.

The main zip has enough space to carry your fishing tackles and many of your personal things with straps to hold tackles and prevent their dislocation. You can store your line spools, line spool holders, lure boxes, reels, and much more with no mess at all.

Each backpack’s pocket contains small pockets that serve as sub-sections to accommodate more tiny objects.

The thing I like most about the Piscifun backpack is the number of different straps with adjustable size and detachable properties. No extra straps or straps mess you have to tackle. Along with the main sling strap, the associate waist straps make this backpack easy to carry so you can use it for hiking and walking through a river more conveniently. It also contains straps for holding rods.

One main feature that every fishing backpack should have is durability and water resistance Piscifun fulfills both. It ensures that your fishing tackles are safe.

Piscifun backpacks are not only the best in their functionalities but also attract its user by their looks. The bag is available in six different colors in two sizes large and standard.

So what is left that the best fishing backpacks should have and the Piscifun backpack lacks.

  • Moderate size
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for both adults and kids
  • The bag is heavy as compared to other backpacks

Best fishing backpack under $100

  • Polyester fabric
  • Sling strap with left, and right adjustments
  • Additional pockets for increasing storage capacity
  • Smart body
  • Front organizer pocket
  • Sunglasses holder

A medium-sized, slim sling fishing backpack that is perfect for your one-day fishing. Although tackle boxes also serve as a good option in this case but as obvious bags are more convinient especially the shoulder ones.

At first look, the backpack seems that it has very less storage space but it’s not true the backpack contains different compartments each with suitable space. Along with the main storage section, the backpack also contains additional two zippered pockets to pack more gears.

The front pocket seems single-sectioned externally but it is also further divided among sections for organizing purposes. The sunglasses holder is also arranged on the top front.

The sling strap there is available with left-right easy adjustments. It’s a precise version of the backpack that with all the necessary qualities a backpack should have to declare it the best fishing backpack. Although it does not contains the side pockets and a water bottle holder or the rod holder but I think for a short fishing trip you should have a go-to option and the SpiderWire sling fishing backpack sets in this criteria very well.

I personally like it is easy to carry. You can also use it as a daily use backpack.

It is made with polyester fabric. The best part about this fabric is it dries out very quickly which I guess for a fishing backpack is amazing quality. Moreover, the fabric is lightweight and strong, Collectively adding all these qualities to the SpiderWire Sling backpack.

One more vote for buying this backpack is its quite reasonable price if you aren’t a regular fisherman just do weekend fishing I personally recommend you this backpack.

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to carry
  • Consumes less space
  • Lacks side pockets
  • No rod holder

Best fishing backpack allround

  • Inside Liners
  • Water-resistant
  • Nylon fabric is used
  • 8-years Manufactures warranty
  • Padded back cushion

A small-sized backpack at such a reasonable price with all the qualities that would be enough to compete with a popular branded backpack.

Plano E-series main area is divided into upper and lower sections for easy adjustments of gears. The lower part is used for storing 3 3600 storage tackle trays. The backpack also contains side mesh pockets for additional storage you can use it for bottle holders or many other things.

A total of 3 zippered sections one the main storage then the front two sections for sunglasses holder and other tools and tackles.

The one main feature that makes me add this backpack to the list of best fishing backpacks is the liner inside the backpack that protects the gears from the water.

It is possible that you went on kayak fishing, and there your backpack got wet and your gears are exposed to saltwater which a separate issue is so using Plano E-series I was free of this fear as I knew that my gears are protected.

The backpack looks larger in product pictures but in actuality, it is smaller than the picture displayed this may bring a little disappointment but once try it, give this backpack a chance and it will not disappoints you. In case for more accurate information the backpack comes with 12.6” L x 17. 7” W x 7. 1” H dimensions.

The padded back cushion brings comfort carrying it with Air mesh straps.

The nylon fabric is used for stitching the backpack and it can be your casting, spinning, and fly fishing partner I wouldn’t mind if you declare it as the best all-rounder fishing backpack.

  • Durable
  • Moderate size
  • Gears are protected from water
  • Users faced zipper breakage

best fishing backpack with rod holders

  • Two rod handles
  • Large pockets
  • 30 liters storage capacity
  • 3 tackle trays included

Lunkerhunt LTS Tackle backpack is a flathead rectangle-shaped long backpack that will be a nice addition to your backpack collection. This backpack comes with the eliminated concept of zippers and uses buckles on the strap for quick and convenient access to your gears.

The backpack is perfect for those who along with multiple lines and spool also want to bring more than one rod as two-rod holders are present on the right side of the backpack letting you freehanded so you don’t have to hold your rods throughout the trip. Ahh!! It is such a big relief for me is a hectic thing to hold long rods in my hands.

The fabric used here is coated with TPU. The best thing about TPU-coated fabrics is that they are lightweight and also water-resistant. Moreover, the breathability of the fabric makes this backpack comfortable to carry even in hot weather conditions.

It contains one main storage area which along with three tackle trays can accommodate the number of gears in it. One side pocket to hold a water bottle and on the front side within a large pocket, multiple sub pockets or sections are available for storing your important personal items. This is how it maintains 30 liters of storage capacity. The backpack is 14 inches wide and 17.25 inches long.

Two padded straps with a chest strap and on the bottom backside of the backpack the padded cushion part also adds comfort to the user.

A well-organized and well-designed backpack with large pockets to store plenty of gears at such an affordable price is a treat to buy. Although separate section for sunglasses but you can place your glasses on the very top in main the compartment.

  • Large storage compartments
  • Easy gears access
  • No sunglasses holder
  • No internal sections in main storage area

best fly fishing backpacks

  • Specially designed for fly fishing
  • Fly rod tube holders
  • Attachable chest vest
  • Can be changed to a sling pack
  • Plenty of storage space

A multi-purpose backpack specially designed for fly fishing. It contains multiple pockets or if I say more than enough pockets that wouldn’t be wrong so you can bring plenty of fishing gear and personal stuff with you.

The backpack is made sturdy and strong enough so can be used for hiking, climbing, hunting, and many other challenging trips. That’s why I added this in to the list of best fishing backpacks as you should have a multi-purpose option.

The main storage area contains full-length zip opens from both the left and right sides for hassle-free access to gears through a large vertical compartment. It is further divided into internal protective sections for the safety of your valuable stuff like mobile phones, any license, etc. A separate sunglasses holder with exterior mesh pockets and a front large pocket for extra storage purposes.

The multi-purpose left and right side mesh pockets offer dual functionality you can use them as four piece fly rod tube holders or for water bottle holders. On the bottom level of these pockets, there are zippers attached for more easy access.

Two back straps not only allow length adjustments but also give you an option to change backpack style to sling it’s all dependent on personal preferences and comfort but having multiple straps option is such a user-friendly feature that I personally appreciate. The only thing you will miss in this backpack is the waist strap.

Allen chest vest option is also available, but not included with the backpack package you have to buy it separately. In case you want your valuable things to be safer you can use the attachable chest pack.

The 10.5 inches wide and 18.5 inches height Allen Gunnison Switch backpack is a good option as it is strong and versatile and available in four different colors so versatile in its looks also.

  • More than enough pockets
  • Sub pockets are also available
  • Strong backpack
  • Multi-purpose
  • No waist strap available
  • Chest vest isn’t included in the package

best waterproof fishing backpack

  • Nylon lining
  • TPU coated fabric
  • Multiple straps
  • Waterproof
  • Airtight

If you are conscious about the looks of a backpack and you don’t like the rough looks where you prefer neat and decent looks I will recommend you the YETI Panga Airtight backpack.

The backpack comes with a plain textured fabric in a decent grey color.

It contains only one big vertical storage section inside in which there is a mesh zipped pockets on one side and right opposite there is a flat section which you can use as laptop storage or other valuable things protection.

The main feature of this product is The HYDROLOK zipper that locks so well protecting all your gears placed in the storage area. The fabric itself is TPU coated which makes the backpack lightweight and waterproof.

The backpack remains dry even soaked in water highly protecting your gears and tackles.

The back straps attached are made soft and wide in order to bring carrying comfort on the shoulders, the detachable chest straps and the waist straps add extra comfort by balancing the backpack. So walking through heavy waves would be easier when a waist strap is used.

The backpack is available in 3 different sizes so pick according to your requirement in this way you don’t have to bring the large-sized backpack on a one day or few hours trip.

Although the backpack is comparatively expensive than the others, being a versatile product more importantly waterproof backpack all set to add this to the list of highly recommended fishing backpacks.

  • Attractive looks
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Highly dependent on the main zipper for water resistance

Things to look before buying a fishing backpack

It might look like buying a backpack is an easy task just by size and its colors we can buy the best fishing backpack, but it is not always right luckily this may happen but not in everyone’s case so there are some other factors that you should consider before buying the fishing backpack.

best fishing backpack 2022

1-Backpack Type

When we hear the word backpack the very first picture that appears in our mind is a long shoulder bag with two back straps it’s a general view obviously you are smarter than me, just in case you and I are the same let us go through the different types of backpacks.

Traditional Backpacks

The basic traditional backpacks with two back shoulder straps may remind you of your high school bag but the backpacks are longer in length and with more storage capacity. The traditional backpack evenly distributes the load on both shoulders.

Sling backpack  

These backpacks come with a single strap that lies across the user’s chest also named as cross body backpacks. The main concept of sling backpacks is to carry it for a long time even when fishing. They are made easy to and for quick access to the tackle.

Two types of anglers are there the one calmly standing in one location and waiting for fish to come and become the angler’s catch and the second the enthusiastic anglers who constantly change their location targeting their catch, sling backpack are actually designed for these anglers.

Waist backpack

Sometimes you don’t want a larger shoulder backpack for your trip but a precise bag that sets on your front side for easy access to the gears.

The waist backpacks either fit on the waist or across the shoulder on the front, one can make settings according to his/her own comfort.

Chest Pack/ Chest bag

Chest packs may resemble waist backpacks but they aren’t the same. It has its own position on the angler’s body and many brands offer chest packs and chest straps with their backpack packages.

The same concept of quick access to tackles instead of rushing towards the main backpack. It can also be used for saving mobile phones and other valuable stuff you carried with you on your trip.

They are relatively smaller in size as compared to the waist packs.

2- Waterproof

Today majority of the fishing backpacks are made waterproof such fabrics are used or coatings like TPU. So before buying do check this feature. If the fabric used isn’t waterproof many brands provide necessary safety measures in order for the protection of fishing gears e.g. River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack comes along with a rain cover.

3- Hassle-free access

The core reason for buying a fishing backpack is to bring all your necessary gears to the fishing. Now in the meantime, you trying to bring out your tackle tray and the tray lies on the bottom and a mess will be created to access that tray.  To overcome these types of issues today backpacks are specially designed that way for easy access to the gears. Even for accessing tackle trays externally accessible separate sections on the bottom front of the backpack are made.

So before buying try this accessibility point by inserting your things just for test purposes. As for me the most important part of a fishing backpack is the availability of different sections for ease of use.

4- Size of the backpack

It isn’t a wise thing to bring a full size backpack to the pond fishing which is right next to your house. You should have a suitable sized backpack for these routine tours. Regarding this, chest packs and waist packs can perform well for this type of fishing.

Always buy a moderate sized backpack not too much large that it becomes trouble or not too small that can even your necessary gear are enable to access.

5- Cost

Buy your backpack wisley and according to your storage requirement and fishing location. Once you invest in a good product it brings satisfaction every time you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a fishing backpack is required?

Fishing is all dependent on fishing tackles and a good angler brings all the necessary gears to the fishing location. Moreover, it becomes easy to access gears when they are arranged and placed properly. Although you can use your simple backpacks but fishing tackle backpacks comes with extra storage capacity and extra pockets to save your each fishing tackle in a separate section properly.

Which is the most important quality of a fishing backpack?

The most important thing to consider for a fishing backpack is its durability. The fishing backpack must be strong and durable also this factor covers the fabric used and the backpack being water proof.

What should be in a fishing backpack?

In your fishing backpack, your fishing reel, line spool with extra spools and lines, tackle trays, fishing pliers and incase your backpack comes with rod handler you can also fit your fishing rod. You can also put your mobile phones, and other personal things in your backpack. In short all your necessary items.

Are fishing backpacks better than tackle boxes?

To explain this, we can take an example from your school bag and geometry box, fishing backpack is like a school bag that contains all the notebooks related to each subject whereas a tackle box is your smaller toolbox to complete the task.

Fishing backpacks are larger in size and accommodate plenty of fishing gear including fishing apparel. Some backpacks also have separate sections as rod holders. You can place plenty of tackle boxes in a fishing backpack.

So each one is best according to the requirement. Of course, you wouldn’t bring a big bulky backpack to the nearby lake merely 2 km from your home for fishing.


Concluding up my thoughts I would say modern fishing backpacks and fishing packs come in a vast variety of styles and other things. It all depends on your personal preferences what type of a backpack you want and what fits best on your shoulders, what size you want, and how much storage capacity you are in search of.  For me, the best fishing backpack for 2022 is “River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted BackpackI really like its size and no of pockets in it. As I am a big fan of fishing backpacks with plenty of pockets each for storing separate objects. I want you to buy any of the backpacks listed above because after details research and reviews I have added them to the list of best fishing backpacks for 2023. Let me know about your experience and mention it in the comments.