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Best Drop shot Fishing Rods

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To make sure you wouldn’t miss a largemouth bass catch, apply the drop shot fishing technique with one of your best drop shot fishing rods. Splitting out the secret a regular spinning rod is an optimal choice for drop shots but in some heavy and deep water conditions, you may need a baitcasting rod.

Drop shop technique is popular, especially among bass anglers. Although there are specially made rods for drop shotting but the main point of confusion is finding the rod with the right length, power, and action when the market is overloaded with a variety of fishing rods.

I have listed some of the best options as drop shot rods but before diving into this why don’t we have a brief introduction to the drop shot fishing technique?

Top 3 picks for the best drop shot Fishing Rods

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Composite Construction
  • Stainless steel guides
  • EVA grips
  • 2-piece rod
St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod
St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod
  • Graphite construction
  • Cork Handles
  • Lure Weight 1/8 – ½ oz.
  • 2 piece rod
KastKing Speed Demon Series Bass Fishing Rods
KastKing Speed Demon Series Bass Fishing Rods
  • Caron fiber rod construction
  • 8+ 1 rod guides
  • Fast action with medium-light power
  • One piece rod

I have listed some of the best options as drop shot rods but before diving into this why don’t we have a brief introduction to the drop shot fishing technique?

What is Drop shot Fishing?

Drop shotting is an angling technique adopted to target fish at deep-water levels. This technique involves the main fishing line, a line leader, drop shot hooks, fishing baits or lures, and drop shot weights (sinkers) at the bottom of the line leader.

To catch aggressive fish like bass it’s better to use a less visible line. The use of a fluorocarbon line as a leader in this rigging setup is the main trick to trap restive fish like bass.

The main advantage of a drop shot rig is it quickly sinks and is an absolute technique for catching bass. Many anglers especially beginners assume that it’s a bit hard to learn this technique but to your amazement, it’s just a 10-15 mint tutorial if you are a quick learner.

All you have to do is to learn a basic fishing knot i.e. Palomar or swivel knot. With the best drop shot rod and perfect rigging setup, the only task for you is setting the hook at the right time. This technique has made fishing more exciting and thrilling.

A pictorial display of drop shot Rig

best drop shot fishing rods

List of best drop shot fishing rods

1- Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

best spinning rod for drop shot rig

  • Composite Construction ( Graphite + Fiberglass )
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • EVA grips
  • 2-piece rod
  • Also available as one or four-piece rod
  • 7-year Warranty

My favorite part about drop-shot fishing is that one wouldn’t have to search through the internet to read tons of reviews about any special rod for drop-shotting. Your regular Ugly Stik GX2 can be your best drop-shot fishing rod. 

Wait!!! You don’t have GX2 in your rod collection. Sounds strange. Do you why I am a fan of Ugly Stik GX2 because it’s an all-rounder rod. I have listed this rod many times in many rod reviews. It can be your best trout fishing rod, your best spinning rod, and the best rod for bass fishing.

If we highlight this rod’s specs, each of its features is the exact match to our best drop shot rod’s buying guide. It’s a graphite rod, so lightweight and sensitive. The rods offer the required durability, flexibility, and tip sensitivity.

This two-piece rod is a combination of graphite and fiberglass so have the qualities of both. And the best part is the availability of multiple lengths from 5 to a maximum of 9 feet. But obviously, 7 feet is the optimum length.

Its one-piece stainless steel guides improve casting accuracy and the EVA grips on the handles improve the maneuverability of the rod. The rod is just easy to hold and easy to make a cast. That’s why this is also the best rod for beginners who are just learning the skill.

  • Budget-friendly Fishing rod
  • Due to composite construction its durable and sensitive at the same time
  • Long-lasting products
  • A range of different lengths is available
  • Also available as 1 piece rod
  • The rod and its reel seat are perfect for 3000-4000 size reel size so a good rod for medium-sized fish but not for a larger catch

2- St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod

best drop shot rod for the money

  • Graphite construction
  • Cork Handles
  • Fast action
  • Medium-light Power
  • Lure Weight 1/8 – ½ oz.
  • 2 piece rod

St. Croix rods are well known for their quality and performance. The best thing about these Premier rods is that without losing any classic rod features they upgraded the product and enhanced its performance level. You also have the option of casting a rod in this series.

Our main requirement for drop shot fishing is a rod with enough backbone that can also tackle a big strong fish. St Croix is a trustful rod in this case. Just cast the lure with confidence, your fishing rod has got your back.

I am personally a fan of this rod’s hook-setting power with the ideal flex. The rods allow full control over your bait and soon you feel the slightest nibble just set the hook. The results wouldn’t be disappointing.

Being a graphite fast action rod it bends near the tip and with 7 feet length, fish nibbles are strongly felt in handles because there is not much distance between tip and butt.

The cork handles wouldn’t let your grip loosen over the rod and serves as easy to hold rod even in a fight with an aggressive bass. Enjoy your smooth fishing with a rod.

Most are cases where for a durable rod, the angler has to sacrifice a lightweight rod. St Croix Premier spinning rod is a lightweight setup perfect for a wide variety of fish from tiny to large ones. You can fish all day long.

Its Kigan Master Hand 3D guides are strong enough to bear the braided line bruises. The plastic worms of 1/8 oz. are perfect match lures. This rod has all the quality features to qualify for the best drop-shot fishing rods.

  • Lightweight rods
  • Perfect rod for pan fish catches
  • High quality guides
  • Not perfect for shore fishing

3- KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing Rods

best lightweight drop shot fishing rod

  • Caron fiber rod construction
  • One piece rod
  • 8+ 1 rod guides
  • Fast action with medium-light power
  • Stainless steel Line Guides

Isn’t that incredible that only one rod allows you to try different finesse fishing techniques? Kast King Speed Demon is the one. I was successful with the Carolina rig, drop shot and the Shakey head. Kast king demon is good with these worm finesse techniques. 

Again our main focus was rod strength and weight and we resulted in successfully landing bass using this rod. All the rods of this series are specially designed for serious anglers to deliver high-quality performance.

Although I am not a fan of split grip handles and personally prefer full grips. It’s mostly anglers’ preference and the style they adopt for fishing. Anyhow, with this rod I was more in contact directly with the pole and can feel the vibrations transmitted directly from the tip to the butt section.

It’s 6’10’’ long with medium light power and fast action carbon rod. The rod is lightweight enough that you can fish all day long without any arm or wrist fatigue. The required backbone and the sensitive tip are all set for a perfect rod twitching to wiggle your lure.

The Fuji guides of high-standard stainless steel maintain the balance between rod and line during the cast. The one thing I was glad about isn’t the issue with this is the reel seat.  It doesn’t dislocate your reel during the big fish fight.

Kast King Demon is one of my top recommended rods, especially for drop-shot rigs. It is one of the best drop-shot fishing rods I have ever used. You can select between casting or spinning one according to your fishing water conditions.

  • Recommended rods for both beginners and professionals
  • Lightweight rod
  • Has enough backbone
  • Sensitive rod tip
  • Expensive rod

4- Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Fishing Rod

best drop shot rod for sensitivity

  • Graphite constructed rod
  • Split Cork Handles
  • 1 piece rod
  • 7 feet long
  • Fast Action

Let’s introduce you to a fishing rod that is specially designed for many fishing techniques. Yes, your simple spinning rod can be your all-time fishing partner for catching vast fish species. Dobyns rods fury series is built in accordance with the nitty gritty details of advanced fishing. It is exactly what should be expected from a professional-level fishing rod

These rods should be on your priority list for bass fishing as they are designed by famous bass fishing legend Gary Dobyns. In our context, it is one of the best drop-shot fishing rods. Its technique-specific construction makes them exceptional.

It’s a pure graphite rod so one thing you wouldn’t miss is the sensitive tip. These rods are one of the finest quality rods with durability and sensitivity on the same scale. I wasn’t expecting this level of sensitivity as the slightest fish strikes can also be detected by this rod.

The rod has enough backbone to land a big fish with a balanced sensitivity that it wouldn’t snap in the middle of the cast. It can handle tough fights.

The rod has split cork handles that add comfort and ease of use. If you are learning these finesse fishing techniques or are interested in upgrading your spinning rod collection you should consider this rod. It is more expensive than ST Croix and Ugly Stik but worth buying.

  • Specially designed for finesse fishing techniques
  • Sensitive rods
  • Can land big-size fish
  • The rod handle needs improvement

5- St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Spinning Rod

best drop shot rods for bass

  • Graphite construction
  • Two piece rod
  • Cork handles
  • Split grip handle style
  • 5 years Warranty

Again a St Croix fishing rod, but as its name suggest Bass Spinning rod is specially designed for professional bass anglers. For sure, serious anglers demand exceptional quality and high-performing rods.

The main reason for adding Mojo Bass to the list is the stiffness of the rod with a perfect balance of flex. For those anglers who demand stiff rods, the St Croix Mojo bass is the best choice for them. Although rod stiffness may sound negative but is better first to give it a try.

As it’s specially designed for bass fishing, then how come it will not be a sensitive rod? The rod tip transfer the slightest bass strikes, nibbles, and bites to your worm bait. Perfect hook setting powers and smooth casts are guaranteed with this rod.

Fulfilling the drop shot rod requirements of a lightweight rod for a lightweight lure it is a graphite rod with a lure weight of 3/16 – 5/8 oz. You can fish in deep water depths with this rod setup. These are the light rods with the required durability and sensitivity.

The black hooded reel seat firmly holds your reel for a smooth cast, cork handles add comfort, and the aluminum oxide rings are strong and resist corrosion. The guides are strong enough for braided fishing lines. Overall it is one of the recommended rods for bass fishing.

  • Professional level Rods
  • Lightweight rods
  • Enhanced Sensitivity
  • Affordable price range
  • The rod stiffness may not be ideal for every cast

6- Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Fishing Rod

best casting drop shot rod

  • Graphite blank Construction
  • Titanium Oxide frame and inserts
  • EVA grips
  • Fuji real seats
  • One piece rod

The anglers who are fans of fancy cosmetic rods must like Abu Garcia Veracity and Villain rod. You can either pick the red Veracity or the black Villain. Both are high-performing rods with accurate casting abilities. They are outstanding in appearance and performance.

Who doesn’t want their fishing rods to be strong yet lightweight? Abu Garcia Veracity just makes sure to maintain the balance without losing durability and the rod’s light structure. These rods are the perfect choice for serious anglers who might be fishing in heavy water and targeting big fish.

The rod is 36-ton of graphite, this tonnage scale indicates the rod weight the lesser the tonnage rate the heavier your rod is e.g. 36-ton rod is more light in weight than a 30-ton rod. The already Abu Garcia users may find it heavier than previous models but it’s perfect for a drop shot rig.

To maintain this feature, the lightweight titanium frame guides with titanium inserts are fixed on the rod because many rods are made light but the guides and the handle weight disturb the balance. These guides are also corrosion-resistant so you aren’t restricted from saltwater fishing.

It is 7 feet heavy power and fast action rod, it bends near the tip section a good option for drop shot rig with casting rods. It offers good hook-setting power.

  • Attractive cosmetics
  • Quick hook setting power
  • Sensitive Rods
  • Recommended rods for crankbaits
  • Heavier than previous Abu Garcia rods
  • gExpensive Rods

7- St Croix Rods Premier Casting Rod

best drop shot rod under $200

  • Graphite Blank Construction
  • Cork Handles
  • Kigan Master 3D Guides
  • USA made product

As we discussed in our guide that sometimes for heavy and murky water conditions spinning rods aren’t a good choice we may require a bit of high-rated rods to cast with heavy lines and lures.

So why don’t we go for a casting rod with one of the familiar rod series? St Croix Rods Premier Casting rod is part of the same premier series as we discussed earlier but this one follows the casting technique.

It possesses all the same features as the spinning one. Cork handles, graphite rod construction, and Kigan Guides. You can easily pick the rod of your required length, power, and action.

In short, if you are in search of advanced fishing, and a professional setup for heavy lures, this one is a perfect choice. Again an expensive option especially for beginners. But once an angler spends a day fishing with a rod, I bet you wouldn’t hear any bad reviews about this.

  • Perfect rod for heavy water conditions
  • Can land big fish
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive rod

8- Okuma Citrix Travel Spinning Rod

best travel drop shot fishing rod

  • IM8 graphite construction
  • 4-piece rod
  • Stainless steel Guides
  • Zirconium Inserts
  • Split Grip EVA handles

The rod becomes best when it’s an exact match to your requirements. Many users dislike some high-quality, well-performing rods because their tips broke during travel or it was difficult to carry their rods to their favorite fishing point.

 It was a must to add a travel-friendly rod to the list of best drop-shot fishing rods. This 4 piece fishing rod fulfills are the requirements for a drop shot rig. Despite many pieces, when assembled together it has the perfect backbone and flex.

The ferrules point are well constructed and wouldn’t disturb your cast. You wouldn’t even feel that the 4 pieces are joined. It has plenty of backbone to fight a big fish with the most highlighting part being that it offers great sensitivity. I was able to feel the slightest fish nibbles.

The rod with IM8 graphite blank construction (which means the rod is stiffer and lighter in weight), and stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts, are perfect for braided fishing lines. And split grip EVA handles, this all sets to a perfect drop shot fishing setup.

With the soft tip and stiff all along the length in my opinion it’s a must-give-a-shot type of fishing rod.

  • Best travel rod
  • The rod is stiff and lightweight
  • The only room for improvement is the rod handles will be more comfortable if it’s a full grip

How to choose the best drop shot fishing rod

No doubt that a simple spinning rod is a valuable candidate in drop shot fishing but there are some points of consideration before buying a fishing rod for this finesse fishing technique. You don’t have to pick a large and heavy rod and reel setup for this, the lighter the weight, the optimal the results will be.

The main roots to focus on are rod length, action, power, material, and rod type.

Rod Length

Hold on and take a deep breath and stop yourself from buying a long fishing rod for drop shotting. The ideal drop shot fishing rod length is 7 feet. The length range from 6-8 feet is the optimal choice. Exceeding this may lack maneuverability and sensitivity to feel the slightest nibbles.

Rod Action

The rod action is categorized as Fast, moderate, and slow. The more down the scale is, the bendy your rod is. These categories point to the position from where your bend.

For effectively and rapidly setting hook sets, stiffer rods are good that bend from the tip. In our scenario, we need a rod stiff rod that bends a little with applied pressure and a sensitive tip to transmit the nitty-gritty details from the tip to the butt.

Fast action rods are the exact match for these requirements and the best suitable choice for drop shot fishing.

Rod Power

The three options you have in rod power are light, medium, and heavy. Many brands have now launched their combinations like medium-heavy, and medium-light which serve as in-between options.

This power indicates how much pressure should be applied to the rod to make a bend i.e. the maximum capacity of the rod to bear pressure. The lighter the power is, the less pressure is required for a bend. Light power rods are less stiff than heavy ones and are easier to bend.

Drop shotting is a finesse technique and is mostly applied to catch bass, it’s a medium-sized fish so going for a light power rod will be a disaster. The in-between option of the medium-light rod is the best choice.

As we don’t use heavy lines and baits for drop shot fishing, then going with the medium or medium-light power rods is the wiser option to adopt. In this case, you will have the required minimum rod flex.

Fishing rod Type

You mainly have two options in rod types for drop shot fishing, the spinning rods, and the baitcasting ones. The main difference between these two rods is that the spinning rods perform well for light lures and baits while the baitcasting rods are the optimal choice for heavy lines.

This doesn’t mean that spinning rods are unable to land something big but they are good with lighter baits like worms both plastic and live. This made my point clear that spinning rods should be your first priority for drop-shot fishing.

However, there are some situations of thick-pound tests for large-mouth bass, salmon, crappie, or dirty water conditions where baitcasting rods and reels come to the rescue.

Rod construction Material

You may have concluded two points through this buying guide our main focus is “lightweight rod” and “sensitive rod”. In this scenario, graphite rods are recommended and the first priority for drop shot fishing.

Fiberglass rods are also a good option for beginners and budget-conscious anglers as they are less expensive than graphite ones.

Some other Factors influencing Drop Shot rig

Line and line Leader

The main aim of this technique is to trap the fish so line invisibility should be the top priority. However, using the mono or braided as the main line with fluorocarbon as the line leader will keep your drop shot rig trappy for fish to detect the line.

Drop shot Hooks

The hook is the one connection your lure to the setup. The size 1-1/0 is perfect for this technique. These hooks are ideal for producing natural bait movements.

Drop Shot weights

You will find different shapes in these weights like small ball-shaped, cylindrical ones, and the drop shaped. The weights of 3/16 oz. are perfect for regular fishing conditions and for rough water conditions, deep, and murky water conditions you can clip a 3/8 oz. drop weight. These weights have crimped swivels which makes clipping weight with the line easier and faster.

Drop shot Lures

Here comes the guest of honors in this whole setup that will attract the fish in your trap. The general rule of thumb for drop-shot fishing is the use of lightweight lures. It is mostly dependent on the depth of water. If you are fishing 15 feet deep or less, the lure weight can be 3/16 oz. but deeper than this up to 30 feet the lure of 3/8 oz. weight is recommended.

It is no doubt difficult to pick a suitable lure as many different types of lures are available today. But for drop shot fishing, plastic worms or live minnows are recommended lures. The worms of green or red color are effective in this case.

Final thoughts

The best thing about drop-shot fishing is that you don’t have to be very precise about rod selection. Just focus on three main points 7 feet long, fast action, and medium power and you are all set up. I have played my part by listing some of the best options, now play yours.

 All the listed above are the best drop shot fishing rods, all with the required length, power, and action. Just pick one according to your budget and pack your tackle box to your favorite fishing points.