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Best bass spinning rods

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You can’t beat the importance of spinning rods and when it comes to bass fishing you must have a suitable rod to catch the largemouth and smallmouth bass. It’s a general perspective that using bait casting rods over spinning rods is a wiser decision but it doesn’t set for everyone and everywhere.

Many professional anglers use casting rods due to their power and accuracy but spinning rods shouldn’t be under estimated. You can use different finesse fishing techniques like drop-shot or texas rig with these rods. Many qualities and advantages of spinning rods makes them to declare the best spinning rods for bass.

For bass fishing, spinning rods are used as they are cost-friendly, and more importantly, trouble-free fishing, they are the best choice for beginners as for casting rods a bit of experience and technique is required. Even many popular professional anglers use spinning rods for their tournament fishing. So what stops you to select a spinning rod for bass? Let’s have a look at a list of the best bass spinning rods.

You can also switch to the recommended rod and reel combos for bass to save time and of course money too.

Top 3 picks for best bass spinning rods

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Composite rod construction
  • 35% more graphite
  • Clear Tip design
  • 7 year warranty
Fenwick HMG Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Carbon blanks
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Full grip cork handle
  • Lifetime warranty
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Technique specific rod
  • Designed by Gary Dobyns
  • Graphite blank construction
  • Cork grips

List of best spinning rods for bass

best spinning rod for bass fishing

best inshore spinning rod
  • Composite rod construction
  • 35% more graphite
  • Comfy cork handles
  • Clear Tip design
  • 7 year warranty

A classic spinning rod popular among professionals as well as beginners thanks to its comfortable handles, durability, and budget-friendly price.

The composite rid construction makes it a multi-task rod where fiber glass make this rod flexible and sensitive and graphite adds stiffness and additional sensitivity to the rod. In addition to this, the 35% more added graphite multiples the strengthen and sensitivity of the road. However, you don’t have to switch rods each time as your rod is stiff and flexible at the same time.

The rod has clear tip design where these tips are tougher against damage, its sensitivity lets you feel slightest fish touch.

One thing I like the most that I can use any fishing line type with this rod this adds one more feature to this road i.e. Versatility.

Many anglers judge a rod on its comfortability. The cork handles on this rod makes it super convenient to use for a long fishing day.

The common issue found on many rods that the reel loosens up on the reel seat which is more frustrating than losing a catch. The exposed blank style reel seats with cushioned stainless steel hoods on this rod save you from this. So that your reel firmly stays in its position.

The Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod is perfect for bass fishing. It lasts longer and wouldn’t break. Overall it’s a good rod that comes with a variety of lengths, sizes, and power. Even you can choose between a one-piece or a two-piece rod.

  • Sensitive
  • Flexible rod
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for all skill level anglers
  • The reel seat is small for a 5000 size reel
  • Casting accuracy issues with lightweight lures

best lightweight spinning rod for bass

Fenwick HMG, best lightweight bass rod
  • Full grip cork handle
  • Carbon blanks
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in 2 lengths

Another fishing rod perfect to add to your bass fishing rod collection. The fenwick HMG spinning rod is a lightweight rod it feels good while using it. While maintaining its weight the rod is strong enough to tackle a big fish catch. Its 13% stronger than an average fishing rod which is due to the carbon bound blanks used for the rod construction.

The sensitivity of this rod makes it suitable for professional angling. The stain less steel guides on this rod are corrosion resistant moreover the cork handles make it easy to hold while fishing.

Its real seats are perfectly designed to hold your reel at a firm position.

Although the rod is expensive as compared to other spinning rods the performance of the rod wouldn’t make you regret buying it.

This product is popular among anglers for bass and other saltwater species. It can be your best go-to travel fishing rod as it is also available as a two-piece fishing rod. It comes with one more extra tip for any emergency.

A great value rod fulfilling all the professional requirements a worth full addition to your rod collection.

  • Lightweight rod
  • Available as both 1 piece and 2 piece rod
  • A rod with required sensitivity
  • an expensive rod as compared to other spinning rods

best graphite spinning rod for bass

Dobyns Fury best graphite bass rods
  • Technique specific rod
  • Designed by Gary Dobyns
  • Graphite blank construction
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Kevlar wrapping
  • Cork grips

The professional type of rod designed by the popular bass fishing tournament angler Gary Dobyns.

With all the exceptional qualities the rod is trusted by professional anglers for their tournament fishing as they are made highly strong with graphite blank, it is sensitive to feel the slightest touch and designed in such a way that anglers feels comfortable holding it for a whole day.

The one thing I like about this rod that it is also suitable for beginner fisherman on one side of the rod, all the requirements like line weight, lure weight and many other basic information which will help them to select a rod.

The rod is specially built for jigs, Shaky heads, and Texas rigs where Texas rigs are one of the most popular bass fishing rigs.

The perfectly balanced rod with Fuji reel seats which reduces fatigue and the comfortable cork handles just raises its vote for selection.

This technique specific, high performance fishing rod with casting accuracy is a customer-satisfied product available in different sizes and styles.

  • Perfect for tournament fishing
  • lifetime warranty is available with this product
  • Sensitive rod
  • No negative facts found

best bass spinning rod for the money

Ugly Stik GX2 the best budget-friendly bass spinning rod
  • 2 piece rod construction
  • One-piece stainless steel guides
  • EVA grips
  • 7 years warranty

Ugly Stik have been satisfying his customers with there quality products with an affordable range.

Ugly Stik GX2 is a quality product suitable for bass fishing. A versatile product available in variety of sizes and power.

The balanced blank construction with graphite and fiberglass enhance its qualities and make this rod strong yet durable and sensitive. Hence a perfect rod for every fishing type from tournament to every day pond water fishing.

The two piece spinning rod with one piece stain less steel guides, the guides are corrosion resistant and are great not only for braided but other types of lines.

The clear tip design adds extra sensitivity to the rod while the EVA grips make it a comfortable rod to hold even with wet hands.

You can pair Daiwa BG spinning reel or PENN 2500 with this rod it results in a perfect combo. This modern spinning fishing rod while maintaining classic and modern qualities, these Ugly Stik GX2 are your next travel partners.

  • Lightweight
  • Sensitive
  • Affordable price range
  • Available in variety of lengths and powers
  • some users still prefer old aluminum guides over stainless steel

best bass spinning rod under $200

Abu Veritas, the best bass spinning rod under $200
  • 3M Powerlux 300 resin system
  • EVA grips
  • Robotically Optimized Casting System
  • 3 years warranty
  • Attractive body exterior

Abu Garcia updated there Veritas series with premium quality features resulting in a more reliable and quality product. The updated features make it stronger and lighter than the past.

The highlighting feature of this Veritas rod is 3M Powerlux 300 resin system in its blanks constructed with 40 ton carbon fibers. This system, while maintaining the sensitivity and weight the rods are more durable than before.

You may wonder about Powerlux resin, it evenly distributes nanoparticles among each carbon fiber. Thus improving rod performance and avoiding cracks in the rod.

Anyhow, without sacrificing the previous features, new ones are added. Updated rods are compared with older ones via proper lab testing.

The Titanium alloy guides with ultra-light Zirconium inserts maintain the rod’s balance. Using titanium alloy in guides makes them lighter in weight and corrosion-resistant than aluminum oxide.

The robotically optimized Casting system maximizes the casting distance with lightweight lures.

The EVA grips on this rod increase the level of comfort, offers strong grip when in an anglers’ hand. The rods are easy to hold despite of hot weather.

Ultimately a stronger rod yet lightweight and sensitive along with 3 years of warranty is a perfect selection for your bass fishing trip. The attractive exterior is also a plus point to this rod.

  • Strong and durable rods
  • Lightweight and sensitive
  • Handles offers strong grip even with wet hands
  • Affordable price range
  • The eyelets are smaller than normal

best St. Croix spinning rod for bass

best st croix rod for bass
  • Glass blank construction
  • Integrated Poly Curve Tooling technology
  • Fuji K Series Guides
  • Fuji PSS-SD palming reel seat
  • Cork handles 
  • Flex-Coat slow-cure finish double coating
  •  5 years warranty

St Croix Legend comes with linear glass construction which adds flexibility to the rod. As compared to the traditional glass rods, there modern and updated rods are stronger and lighter in weight.

For smooth action and increasing the rod’s strength all the transitional points are eliminated from this rod with integrated poly curve tooling technology. The entire rod bends from tip to butt.

For perfect and fixed positioning of the reel, the Fuji PSS-SD palming reel seat with a frosted silver hood is there on the rod.

Moreover, to give an extra layer of protection to the blank from UV rays, corrosion or oxidation two coats of Flex coat slow cure finish are done. The cork handles are just made to increase comfortability for the anglers.

St. Croix Rods Legend Glass Spinning Rod is the best bass spinning rod among st croix products. You can trust this product as it comes with 5 years of warranty. Hence a reliable product with all quality features for bass fishing.

  • Strong and durable even being light in weight
  • Cork handles made it easy to hold
  • Long lasting product protected with coating
  • Casts accurately with distance
  • Affordable price
  • Some users have faced packaging issues
  • The reel seat loosens the reel after some time

best all-round bass rod

Shimano Teramar,the best all rounder bass spinning rod
  • Glass blank construction
  • Cork handles
  • Fuji O guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • One piece rod

Shimano Teramar is one of the recommended rod for bass fishing. This one piece rod with glass construction due to which flexibility is added to the rod and due to this flexibility rather than snatching the hook only the baits gets into the fish’s mouth. The casting distance and accuracy are also specifications of this glass rod.

The rod has Fuji O guides and Reel seat with all powerful features to serve as a multi-purpose rod for a greater experience. Hence light, strong and sensitive rod perfect for bass fishing.

Here is a little recommendation from my side, it may be a little bit difficult for beginners to pair a perfect setup with this rod so an experienced angler can perfectly adopt it.

Overall a quality product with satisfied users thats why worth adding to the list of best bass spinning rods 2022.

  • Lightweight rods
  • Perfect for experienced anglers
  • Budget friendly
  • Not suitable for beginners

best spinning rod for drop-shot

Cadence CR5, Best spinning rod for drop shot fishing
  • 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank
  • Stainless steel guides with Silicon Carbide inserts
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Two types of handles
  • Two piece rod

A piece travel friendly premium quality spinning rod with high performance features at an affordable price range. Cadence CR5 fulfils all the requirements from basic level to the professional level angling.

The three layered 30 ton carbon matrix graphite blanks offer durability and sensitivity. Moreover, they are stronger and lighter in weight than other spinning rods. The multi-tasking rod is suitable not only for bass but also for trout, walleye, redfish, and many other inshore species.

For the longer cast, Sic( Silicon Carbide) guides and Fuji Reel seat are all set to offer smooth action and casting accuracy. The two types of handles i.e. full grip and split grip of cork plus EVA represent the versatility of the rod.

Buying a Cadence product is a clear sign of user satisfaction as they offers reliable customer service in case any issue with your fishing gear you can directly call the main company.

Hence a quality and reliable fishing gear available in 2 different sizes with different actions and power.

  • Strong Enough to fulfil heavy fising requirements
  • The company offers good customer service
  • Suitable for bass, walleye and trout
  • Suitable to carry on the trip
  • Users found durability issues

Things to consider before buying a Bass spinning rod

There is always a bunch of points for consideration before buying any fishing gear same is the case here for bass spinning rods although the points are same as buying a spinning rod as I have mentioned in my previous article of spinning rods 2022 here I have added some more points for user ease.

Fishing location

As the word “ bass” refers to both fresh water and marine species and generally bass fishing locations are lakes, ponds and rivers. So if you are planning your fishing trip on these places, you should definitely pick spinning rods as these are rods specifically designed for such water types. Moreover, the variety in spinning rods lets you pick a rod that best suits you and your location.

Fishing line type

The direct contact of the fishing line is with the fishing guides on the rod. Mainly these guides are stainless steel and now ceramic guides you may have read reviews that braided lines have ruined the guides this was a serious issue in the past but now even variety in braided line shape circular or other. I will recommend you to pick the circular one for the stainless steel guides. Generally spinning rods are compatible and flexible to use any type of line.

Fishing Rod Handle

Rod’s handle isn’t given that much priority as compared to other features or specification. But I think it is as important as others, different handle types are available with different rods like cork or foam. Always pick one that bests suit you and fits in your hand. As a beginner one should pick the rod with shorter handle as it is easier to hold, the longer the rod handle the more is the casting distance.

Types of Bass

As the word “bass” is a common name to call multiple species. It covers a vast range of fish, some of their names are

best bass spinning rods

Fishing lures for bass

best bass spinning rods


Bass fishing isn’t just restricted to professionals every basic skill level angler can do this and enjoy. It’s a fact that one spinning rod can’t be the best spinning rod for bass always the personal preferences and comfort zone varies from angler to angler. Moreover other factors like type of fish, location, fish size, etc. All matters, hope you found this helpful and I hope this list will update your best bass spinning rods 2022 collection.